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Tony from s/w sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by intrasonic, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hi all, Tony from Sydney here. 24 yo west/southwest sydney native and motorcycle super-newbie.

    Been lurking here for a few weeks in preparation for my first bike purchase and now that I've got it I thought it's time to join the community properly. Got myself a blue 2003 Honda VTR250 after seeing so much love for them here on netrider. My gf (Raie, another new user here) also learned to love the VTR after I spammed her with positive recommendations I found while searching.

    Anyhows, got my L's on Saturday, picked up the bike (from another user on here) and went for my first ride yesterday. Spent a good 2 hours riding around an industrial estate mostly doing left turns and gear changes. Stalled a few times on the way there and once on the way back :-(

    Also, big hello to Goz and zx_ninja who I met at breakfast torque on sunday. Hope I can build my skills and confidence soon so I can see you guys at homebush.

    Got some photos of the bike:

  2. Hey Tony, good to see ya :) (even though i cant really see you) :D

    See you down at Homebush when your confidence is up, few weeks at homebush will teach you heaps and you will be comfortable riding everywhere
  3. Yo Tony, S'up?

    Welcome mate

  4. Welcome, Tony

    I'd like $1 for everyone on Netrider who has, or has had, a VTR 250 :LOL:
  5. Welcome tony
  6. Welcome Tony. Get some practice and when you're ready we'll see ya at Homebush. cheers.