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Tony Abbott may be resigning

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by korbail, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Apparently, Tony Abbott is resigning because of his affair with Peta Credlin.

  2. Don't tease us with this, please.
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  3. b12mickb12mick As a source is not always 100% reliable BUT this was from someone that is in Canberra and like you I am really hoping it is true. The part about him bonking his advisor looks true
  4. korbailkorbail Surely you are mistaken, Tony is a married, Catholic man. It would be unthinkable for him to be bonking his adviser as you say. Why this from the leader of government would undermine the sanctity of marriage in Australia. What next gay marriage. (<-- My sarcastic attempt at moral outrage) :p
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  5. This does not belong on the Politics forum because it is unrelated to motorcycles. Considering whether it may actually be libelous.
  6. Isn't she a few months pregnant?
  7. YES, 2 Lovebirds <3

  8. It's a less damaging way to get rid of him than a spill given how much they gave labour about internal politics.
  9. I so hope this is true.
  10. It's actually a really good point smilee. Risky, however, as the LNP are generally not good at keeping that sort of deception secret. It could backfire on the conspirators.
  11. Google search settings: Past hour
    Key terms: Abbott affair

  12. That doesn't sound very conservative.
  13. Hawke did it so why not Mister Rabbit?
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  14. It worked wonders for the NSW state government. They changed leaders over a corruption scandal without suffering.
  15. This was the message I received.
    "Tony is having an affair with Peta behind his wife's back. Wouldn't be surprised if Tony resigns & I think it will be in the news within the week"

    Now I am wishing but if she is pulling my leg, a big headbutt is going that way.
  16. Old news. This was being talked about Aug/Sept last year with speculation then that his wife, Maggie, was going to leave him shortly after last years election. Sounds like more muck raking destabilisation to me. No time for the man (as with most politicians in general) but isn't it just rehashing what was being said over a year ago?
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  17. Yeah I was doing some googling and just dug up the same. I think the headbutt is on it's way
  19. Commies wishful thinking again.
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  20. Sportsbet hasn't shut down politics betting. It's usually the first give away of something happening. If you believe this go make a punt.