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Tony Abbot at his classiest?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Conorkc, May 22, 2014.

  1. Opinions please,

    In my opinion he is the sleaziest C*nt I have ever seen.
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  2. After I saw that, it took me half an hour to coax my skin out from under the bed where it had crawled.
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  3. sigh...... :roll:
  4. ;)

    :D One term Tony.
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  5. Got something to say or just gonna play it out?
    We know your allegiances so come out and defend your idol.
  6. In a week where he turned from a comical bumblebee man style villain to a star wars emperor super villain talking about his sleezy wink is exactly what he would want.
  7. Problem is that the other moron is just as bad. I reckon they all should be thrown out and administrators put in. God help us if we go Thailand's route.
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  8. I agree, the 2 major parties are both broken. Labor should be hammering the liberal party, as the major opposition party... but they don't seem to be. All they need to do is come up with an alternative budget to compete with the liberals and make it widely known that there is no budget crisis.

    If the liberal party closed tax loop holes for big business and effectively taxed the mining industry there would be no need for cuts.

    I think all the politicians should have to wear the logos of their corporate sponsors... people might get the idea of who is really running the show!
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  9. I thought he dealt pretty well with what was obviously a setup, most would have taken advantage of the delay function and flicked her.
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  10. Agreed. I dont like either side politics, but this is the biggest waste of space. Seriously - his wink is news worthy? GTFO.
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  11. The wink, in itself, not so much, but it raises a few deeper points. In no particular order:

    1) If Australia wants to be taken seriously as a grown up country, it's not a great look for its PM to be seen around the world (and it is getting international coverage) making faces like a 12 year old in sex-ed class.

    2) Getting caught on camera (and the subsequent reaction when he realised the camera was rolling indicates that it wasn't supposed to go public) shows poor judgement. When you're a public figure, it's appropriate to assume that a microphone is always live and a camera is always rolling. Getting caught out like that was utterly idiotic. That's not just a left-right thing either. I was in the UK during their 2010 election campaign and thought Labour leader Gordon Brown was a f'ckin' idiot for getting caught out describing a member of the public as a "bigoted woman". She probably was, but saying so with a live mike pinned to your collar is stupid.

    3)Maybe I've been unlucky but I've had the misfortune to meet some seriously creepy individuals over the years. The wink, leer and associated body language were, to me, reminiscent of the absolute worst of them, a seriously nasty individual and certainly not someone I'd trust with the wellbeing of the country.

    Anyhoo, if noone wants to talk about The Wink, shall we discuss the almost unheard of $60,000 scholarship being awarded to a member of Mr Abbott's immediate family by a Liberal Party donor who stands to gain substantially from the changes to HECS but which mysteriously failed to appear on the Register of Members Interests?
  12. @ralph@ralph Wink in itself may not be that news worthy, but the his attitude surely is. Imagine your boss treating you like this when you approach him with a problem, now if that lack of respect wouldn't piss you off then we are very different people.
  13. I have to laugh at all the whiners here who go on about opinion being formed by the media, but who are quite happy for it to be so when it suits them :LOL:
  14. Spot on my view on it too hornet
  15. It looks like the herd is spooked, won't some body think of the children. :banghead:
  16. Look seriously, I am the first to stand up for our pensioners ( genuine ones who have worked all their lives that is, not these new wave invalid ones), I think they deserve much better treatment. But really, a woman working a sex site to pay for her drugs, c'mon.
    Anyway a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse, hardly newsworthy.
  17. True. I mean FFS they call anyone on benefits pensioners these days. A lot don't do anything to make themselves employable, and I'm not talking the old age pensioners, the other cocks with tattoos on their faces and shit. No one's going to employ them
  18. I see the Daily Telegraph's propaganda and non-sequiturial number comparisons are working.
  19. Sounds like a few people need to have a click through of this.

    'Course, most probably won't let their minds be changed without suffering something disabling (anxiety is a common choice, and losing a limb is still popular in some fields).

  20. But Gillard was wrong about everything.