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Tonsils and their removal, anyone had theirs done?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Anyone had their tonsils removed when an adult?
    If so how was it?
    PAinful recovery?
    I'm having mine removed and some minor throat surgery to tighten up the soft palate so don't know what to expect as a recovery.
    Your recovery stories may help me or frighten shit out of me;-)
    All I know is I get 10 days off work so it's not all bad :)

  2. shit smee, you must have had some reoccurring tonsilitis!!
    they wouldnt take my daughters out, even after 4 chronic bouts in 18mths.
    something about the tonsils being the first line of defence for airborne virii or something.
    i still got mine, so no horror stories, but i am astounded that they will whip them out, especially as you are (just ;) ) over 18 :p
  3. They are enlarged and the idea is to assist in sleep to reduce snoring. Luckily I don't have sleep apnoea which is a bonus.
  4. Can you please let Flipper know how it goes as she has to have the same thing done. (I can't wait) :grin: And if it does hurt, can you lie and say that it doesn't. [-o<
  5. I had the same done for sleep apnoea - the pain is extremely bad for 10 days take the drugs every 4 hours as recommended. After 10 days, it either subsides or you are used to it :)
  6. And Ice cream! You get lots and lotsa ice cream!! :p :grin:

    At least thats what i remember from when i had mine out about 20 years ago!
  7. i had my tonsiltis done when i was 6. i was too little to remember what happened... :?

    i've heard doc don't recommend to take it out nowadays. :wink:
  8. YEP! Had mine done last month. Ice cream is bad, makes you too mucusy(if that's a word), lots of coke is good, nice and cold and kills any germs.

    All up not too bad really. I prepared well by going to the Naturopath and getting some Zinc powder to help with healing which I think made a real difference.
    They offered me drugs for the pain and I didn't need them for the first 3 days. Then I only needed the low dosage ones (they sent me home with low dosage ones and "make you numb" ones) because the hurt was causing ear ache a little bit, mainly in the morning straight out of bed.
    All up, not too bad, only a little worse than the wisdom teeth from last year.
    Have heard some horror stories, but mine was pretty good.

    Go see a Naturopath 2-3 weeks out!

    Good luck!
  9. Reminds me of that episode of Happy Days where Fonzie has his tonsils out. They put him in the children's ward....lol.

    Smee - I didn't know they do this for snoring. All the best with it.
  10. Yeah, mate, hope it goes well.
  11. +1 I had sleep apnoea and did the sleep study etc and ended up in hospital having tonsils removed, soft palate work and my uvula reduced. Very painful recovery, but the end result was sooo worth it! No more massive headaches 4 or 5 times a week due to oxygen deprivation, no more apnoea, and very rarely any snoring at all any more.

    Just be careful in what you eat afterwards - some doctors recommend normal diet, some recommend soft foods. My main advice is to avoid anything acidic!! I had some tomato soup one day and it was like pouring draino down my throat :shock:

    Oh and as for the pain - it was pretty constant for many days and then one day it was like a switch had been flipped and there was no longer any pain whatsoever. Kind of odd - expected gradual subsiding, but it was an instance of here one day, gone the next.
  12. Thanks for that.
    Luckily I don't have Apnoea but if it eliminates snorng as well as it did for you the pain will be well worth it
    I hope
  13. No worries - hope all goes well for you - good luck! :) It was certainly a magic snoring cure for me - my partner of the time was always having to check whether I was actually alive when I went to sleep as there was no more noise!! :LOL:
  14. Hey smee,

    I had mine taken out about 4 months ago, im 21. I had chronic tonsillitis for years and was living on antibiotics in the preceding months before surgery.

    I had wisdom teeth removed last year and my appendix removed about 3 weeks ago(sigh). Tonsillectomy (removing tonsils) sucked so friggen much compared to the others. I took almost no pain killers for my wisdom teeth and none for my appendectomy. Was at work 4 days after my appendectomy and on the pushy bike after 1 week because i took some good alternative meds to aid recovery.

    Im no sissy but i lived on the pain meds for at least 2 weeks after my tonsils came out. It was probably a horrible experience for me because i was so ill before hand and my throat was so badly infected.

    I lost about 10 kilos over 2 weeks. Im 6'2" and went from 75kgs to 65kgs so losing 10kgs was a hell of a lot for a skinny guy.

    Not to scare you but this is actually a major surgery that has big implications for adult patients and causes severe pain for a extremely high majority of adult patients. Kids rebound easily from this surgery compared to adults.

    You will have a white sloth (think hard cream substance) covering all incision points and wherever tissue was removed. This sloth will break down and will be swallowed or spat out over the next 2 weeks. You will have scabs from the incision points and where tissue is removed that will after 5-10 days fall off. This can cause some minor bleeding butt nothing to worry about.

    Important. If at any point you see blood in your mouth/throat of a concerning amount start spitting it into a cup/bowl. Any more that 1-2 tablespoons over 15 minutes is a real worry. You must go to hospital ASAP. Hemorrhaging of the throat is extremely bad and life threatening.

    * Astrofort (herb formula) - awesome immune booster. GET IT!!! It will reduce your recovery time considerably. Will reduce the likelyhood of developing post viral fatigue from your current infection (if present).
    * Collostrum (milk from cow 24-48 hours after giving birth) - this is taken in small amounts. Is full of immunoglobins and growth factors that are hugely beneficial to recovery.
    * No strenuous exercise for 10 days. increases bloods pressure which is bad after surgery.
    * Protein shakes. Preserve muscle mass
    * Lots of fresh vegies and fruit. Avoid acidic fruits/vegies such as oranges, tomatoes etc.
    * Eat a normal diet 2-3 days after surgery. Steak and chips and everything. It promotes healing by scraping away the loose sloth and scabs
    * Try to sleep like you normally would. Ie. dont snooze through the entire day so you cant sleep at night
    * You can buy mouth wash that has a numbing agent.
    * Try to take your pain meds after food. Pain meds such that contain ibuprofen for example are pretty rough on the intestinal tract when taken by themselves.
    * Dont lay inside the whole time. Go lay in the sun for a change. Feels awesome when your groggy and feeling rubbish

    It was really beneficial for me. I had 10X as much energy by my body not having to constantly fight infections.

    Good luck

    Let us all know how you go

  15. Thanks for all the tips Tom,
    Very comprehensive and informative.
    Bleeding does worry me a touch but it will be done mostly with lasers so any wounds should be cauterised.
    Don't know if i'm looking forward to any scabs etc. :shock:
    I could do with losing 10 kg though.
    Being 5'11 and 85 kilos i think being 75-80 kilos would be a bonus :)
  16. :shock: :shock:
    godspeed smee :?
  17. Had my tonsils out at age 27 and didn't get particularly good post op instructions. I went with the "eat ice cream" mentality and ended up back in hospital the next day because it caused a thickening of the mucous in the throat over the wound & caused subsequent infection. My specialist visited me and told me that I should eat normally, including steak, chips veggies etc as the mild abrading action of the food helps keep the wound clean and mucous-free without damaging it. The nursing staff at the hospital were supposed to tell me this prior to discharging me but apparently forgot...
    I only used Panadol for pain relief.
  18. Ok back from hospital and all i can say is the discomfort is a biatch. I tried to have breakfast this morning and it was excruciating.
    I feel like food is getting stuck everywhere but that's not the case.
    I was told by my doc to chew lots of chewing gum and it does work well i must say.
    The whole inside of my mouth has been widened and i no longer have the uvula hanging down.
    I've noticed a minor change in my voice and atm there is some horrible white crap all over the back of my throat.
    How the hell am i gonna eat steak and chips????????
    see how we go.
  19. Pureed :LOL: :p

    Good to hear it went OK :).
  20. So many lines, so many lines.... :LOL: