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tonsillectomy advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by disk_1, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    I had my tonsils removed the other day. I am on some decent pain killers but it still sucks to swallow anything. Maybe stay off the bike until i am off the pain killers. They make me a bit drowsy.

    Mainly having yogurt, stewed apple, V8 vege juice, gatorade, milo and some soups and stuff.

    How long do you reckon i should stay off the bike? The doctor said I have to be careful of causing any bleeding as you can hemorrhage quickly and get into a bit of trouble.

    any general advice?

    I have had 4 wisdom teeth removed before and that was a piece of cake compared to this
  2. Interesting diet choice.
    Both my kids had their tonsils "out" and the nursing staff had them eating toast the day after.
    Apparently the abrasion aids in keeping the wounds clean and free from infection....believe it or not!!

    I'd stay off the bike until you get off the drugs.......
  3. When I had mine out a couple of years ago and I thought I was doing everything right, then one night It started to bleed (a lot)and we had to call an ambulance cos it wouldnt stop!

    Then I spent the next 2 nights in the hospital because it was infected and I was dehydrated.

    Anyway the main thing is to stay well hydrated and avoid excessive activity.
  4. Not the way I remember my tonsilectomy!
  5. Did you know that tonsils can grow back?
  6. so there's hope for my virginity?
  7. I had the same advice after mine. I was eating soups & ice cream and the like and ended up back in hospital with an infection and a coating over the wound. My specialist told me to have a nice steak and chips etc because it helped abrade the wound and keep it clean. Kinda goes against the natural thinking.
  8. I was told to basically eat normally just avoid really hot or cold or spicy food.
  9. In the month preceeding my tonsilectomy I had a bad case of glandular fever and several bouts of tonsilitus that did not respond to antibiotics.

    Basically, my throat was in a really bad state before they hacked into it.

    I was told to avoid all solids and warm/hot foods because my glands and tonsils are so swollen that i have a really narrow airway.

    most of the time my throat seizes/spasms up when i am attempting to drink/eat and it is forced upwards and out my nose.

    it is pretty horrible!

    my clothes aint going to fit me any more :(
  10. ...so ahhh where's the youtube link :grin:
  11. Things have sure changed since I had mine out on the dining room table - would have been more than 70 years ago. What I remember most was the chloroform taking hold, I dreamed I was tied down in the middle of a footy field and a goal post started to grow under my back. Weird!

    Cheers, v.
  12. Mine was a nightmare. Wouldn't stop bleeding, got really sick, 2 more hosptial trips. Blood filled my lung while i was asleep, started to collapse. Rushed into surgery in the middle of the night. Sewed half my throat shut to stop the bleeding, then spend 1 week in emergency medical unit with huge fever and abnormal pneumonia (SP?). Not happy JAN. Took me a few months to fully recover and my voice is slightly different now.

  13. I had mine out when I was 21

    no soft foods, straight on the normal stuff.. they said I'd done really well.. condsidering I threw up blood for 2 days I wasn't so sure :shock:

    Soluble panadol was the best thing for me.. it does come good :)