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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete the pom, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. OK looks like I'm going to get a bit of free time tonight. Wifes gone to bed not well, kids are just about to be tucked in bed so looks like dad has a good excuse to get out on the town.

    What going on in Melbourne Tonight. An event that involves alcohol would be most prefrable

    Ideas please..................

  2. gather up some mates and go on the great aussie pub crawl

    i usually start in the central suburbs, and public transport it to others

    must do's:
    First And Last on the Hume
    Waterloo, maribynong (spelling)
    anglers (near waterloo)
    *forgot the name* that one near flinders st station, always fun for a laugh

    and if you want to see all in brawls, pascoe vale pub sometimes offers such entertainment!
  3. If there's interst I could be convinced on a few drinks on Smith or Brunswick St (maybe the Grace Darling?). Pool table would be good too. Nothing to far from home though.

    ApriliaBoy's a maybe as well
  4. I'd be up for that. What time?
  5. Say about 10:00pm?

    For anyone who is interested in coming the venue is now the Rochester on Johnstone st. It's near the corner of Brunswick and Johnstone (on the Smith St side).

    You know what they say, the more the merrier....
  6. I would have loved to. A game of pool (on a pub size table) and a drink, sounds grand. Unfortunately, can't.

    That's the trouble with having gone out last night, makes me want to do something tonight too!!! and at the moment that is just being greedy.
  7. Assuming you are there to drink how would people recognise you without all the leathers and helmets (and the Aprilias?)

    Guess one could just go and ask every female if she is ApriliaGirl ... somehow I don't think that would be a very successful pick up line :wink:
  8. Ok, for anyone who wants to show up call me on ********* either before hand or when you get there.

    EDIT: Just getting rid of my number 'twas a great night out :)
  9. Come, you know you want to :wink:
  10. I think I will just stick with randomly propositioning women but thanks for the tip anyway :cool:
  11. yep if you are poor, im sure someone will buy you a drink :p women are hard to come by on netrider... even if your not single :p

    id possibly come along but going out for a movie :)
  12. I'm sure you'll do just fine :p
  13. Unfortunately, cannot. Have had a glass of wine, insulted poor percrime unintentionally, so am obviously unfit to ride (wine and bad night vision not brilliant combination for riding), car has gone to work with him. But am v. bored. Sigh....
  14. Percrime will cope. :) Have wine and lovely woman. Alas no Ducati :(

    Only a motorcycle that I can;t find at the moment.. where did I park it? And a pushbike worth a fair amount more :)
  15. Putting the decals back on (when they arrive) should make it instantly stand out. But quite honestly it does look better without, sleeker...

    I do like black bikes a lot though, I had to have a sit on the gloss black 999S (it was a nice color combination with the gold Ohlins) at the bike show last year and have a little fantasy or two. However, the division of finances tells me I am dreaming and the lack of speedy riding skills means I will just stick with what I have and borrow the red one every now and again to remind myself that a 748 is more than good enough.
  16. That was a top night out. Should do it more often. Got pissed chatted to a few people and ended up face down in a kebab at sluvaki king around 3am.
  17. Totally agree Pete, it was a great night.

    There could definitely be room in the netrider social calendar for semi regular inner north piss-ups :wink:

    But next time, I'm going to make sure I'm not riding the next day so I can fully appreciate Mr Vodka.

    BTW: After Kinglake, Chum Creek, Healsville etc there is love again. I've even got semi respectable chicken strips now :grin:

    EDIT: Just tidying up a bit of spelling
  18. .........and they all lived happily ever after...........the end.

    The northen piss up sounds like a good idea. Somewhere around the same place as last night on a regular basis would be good and I'd have no excuse not to go seeings the kids would be in bed and Kellie could tuck her self in with one of those soppy arsed chick flicks she likes to watch that have no car chases in them or monkeys driving limos.

    You just cant go wrong if the movie has a monkey that drives a car in it.