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Tonight on 60 Minutes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Did anyone just see the story on 60 Minutes about Bianca, the gorgeous
    16yo girl with tourettes? [​IMG]

    Reporter Tara Brown was in tears, my Mrs was in tears.. & the damage to
    their house [​IMG]

    Bloody hell.. what a sad story with a great ending.

    Link: Out of Control

  2. yeah, interesting surgery...

    sorry but i couldn't stop laughing the entire story...!
  3. Yeah it was pretty full on wasn't it?

    no_shame I see what you were saying that it was funny, on the surface it is, but when you think about how it effects all their lives it's all the more tragic.

    That's definitely the worst tourette's I've seen.
  4. I met her a few weeks ago! Went to a lookout for riverfire and she was sitting next to my boyfriend and I. She's as nice as she is pretty too, she kept apologising for the outbursts (like the poor girl could help it) and explained her condition and went on to tell us she was talking to 60 minutes in a few days about the sugery she was going to get. She's a beautiful young lady and we both said good luck to her. Glad it went so well for her.
  5. Yeah, I caught that last night.
    What a horrible condition to have to live with.
    Amazing what that surgery has done for her.
  6. We were out for dinner last night but they had it on the TV there. No volumn but it caught my eye and I watched it for a while, lip reading as much as I could. Even without the volumn, it brought a tear to my eye.
  7. Youtube link? The transcript doesn't do it any justice.
  8. Too many words censored out?
  9. There's a video on the 60 minutes website link now. Firefox wouldn't show it or the transcript for some reason, but Internet Explorer worked.

    edit: What an incredible transformation. How much of a nightmare it must have been for her and her parents to have to endure that for so long.

    Linda Blair wasn't possessed after all, she had tourettes!
  10. I put up the <60 minutes> link in 1st paragraph, then you simply scroll
    thru the clips till you get the right one.

    Story is shown in full (17mins).

    I just watched it again. Bloody hits herself pretty hard :shock:


    You got no shame, no_shame [​IMG]

    Wasent laughing last night but I must admit when I watched again
    just then, I had a chuckle at 5.50 mark.

    Reporter: Can you understand why you can't live at home?

    Bianca: Ssh f*ck off... No biatch... Sorry umm.. Yes because from all my


    Surgery helps girl beat Tourette's
    1:07p.m. 15th September 2008

    A 16-year-old Alexandra Headland girl with the inherited disorder
    Tourette syndrome may soon be allowed to leave a psychiatric institution
    and go home, thanks to an Australian first operation.

    Bianca Saez, who featured in a story last night on Channel Nine’s 60
    Minutes, has spent the last two years in a Brisbane institution because her
    family had been unable to cope with the symptoms of her condition.

    These included aggressively hitting her mother, punching holes in walls,
    uncontrolled vocal outbursts, tearing her clothes and banging her head
    against a table.

    Dr Peter Silburn, a neurologist at Brisbane’s St Andrews War Memorial
    Hospital, today told AAP Bianca actually wore the hair off the front of her

    “Bianca had no control over her tics and was immediately remorseful
    over what she couldn’t control, and for a young woman, that would be
    just terrible,â€
    Dr Silburn said.

    He said Bianca’s condition was not responding to drugs, and doctors
    feared she was at risk of seriously harming herself.

    But that was until an operation performed at St Andrew’s a week ago
    turned her life around.

    The Deep Brain Stimulation surgery involved placing a one centimetre-
    long cylindrical electrode deep into Bianca’s brain to block the impulses
    which caused her tics, in an Australian first for the treatment of Tourette
    syndrome, Dr Silburn said.

    “Deep brain stimulation is considered when medication is not maintaining
    quality of life - either socially or functionally,â€
    he said.

    “The stimulation surgery has been performed experimentally for some
    nine years overseas, and people started getting good results in terms of
    reducing the motor tics.â€

    He said Australian doctors had previously used the procedure for
    Parkinson’s disease but never for Tourette syndrome.

    The results had amazed the medical fraternity and Bianca’s family.

    “She is no longer tearing at her clothes or ripping up paper uncontrollably
    and the tics are quite minor, compared with what they were,â€
    Dr Silburn

    “She’s been in an institution for two years but one week after surgery,
    she has spent the weekend with her family. That’s what we are aiming for
    and hopefully she will continue to get better over the next four to six
    weeks. I think it’s now looking very good for her to go home and to
    return to school – if that’s what she wants to do.â€

    The Daily
  11. sorry to bump an old topic, but did anyone just watch channel 9 with that backyard blitz show? how awesome was the house!

    question but, does the surgery she had mean she always has to carry that electronic thing (on her arm? bandage always same spot) with batteries or is it like a 10 minutes a day thing?
  12. pretty sure the actual unit is concealed under her skin, i remember seeing something similar with parkinsons and i think the battery last a long time which it should as it is in the persons body,

    btw if you want to see the story go to http://video.msn.com/ and search for bianca and it could come straight up
  13. Rotate is correct, the voltage box/s are placed in the chest sorta below your collarbone. It controls the voltages to the electrodes. In Parkinson's disease, it is used to simulate the natural brain drug, dopimein (cant remember how to spell it for the life of me).

    Scary thing about the surgery is that the patient must be FULLY concious throughout the whole surgery, otherwise they don't know if where they have placed the electrodes is effective or not. Not very cool
  14. Great outcome for this poor girl, it was so sad to see her fitting and you could see that she knew she was doing it. fcuk you wouldn't wish this on anyone. Must admit I watched the blitz show with the wife and kids and all of us had a tear in our eye. Makes you thank dog how lucky we are to not have kids afflicted with this. Good on CH9 for airing this.
  15. you guys need to watch the seris of tourettes camp on youtube. then this girl is nothing compared to them lol. Good part is when the bunch of kids go out for a field day and each person ticks trigger everyone elses. And alot of racial words come flying out.
  16. You taking the piss?
  17. Yeah, as if?
  18. Read the post. :roll: