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Tonight my babyblade died

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by resonator, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. I went for a ride tonight for a few hours and everything seemed to be fine. Then just after I left a set of traffic lights the engine suddenly sounded like there wasn't an exaust pipe anymore.

    I pulled over to check it out and try to find the source of the problem and whilst checking the exaust manafold I noticed the spark plug cable going up and down about 1cm in time to the engine.

    I turned off the engine to inspect but not knowing what I'm looking at decided that it would be best to load her into the back of a van to take home.

    After the engine cooled I removed the spark plug cable and could feel in the bottom of the hole a small rod that would wobble from side-to-side slightly.

    So based on that I'm guessing that I've broken the spark plug somehow.

    Can someone please help reassure me it isn't going to cost a fortune to fix, what the problem is and how it might of happened.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Well, it's either that the plug has come apart (cheap part to replace, hopefully a plug spanner will get the remains out) or you have stripped the plug thread in the cylinder head (more expensive - guessing one fifty ish, should be do-able with a helicoil insert). If it's worse than that, $$$s involved.
  3. You say it sounded like your exhaust fell off? Chances are the plug has just come out, hopefully without stripping the thread in the head.

    Don't try and use the same plug, the thread will most likely be stuffed.
  4. Yeah, there was definitely exhaust leaking from the where the plug screws into the engine.

    How big would the gap have to be for exhaust to blow the plug off the end of the spark plug. I'm thinking it'd have to be pretty big??? That also makes me concerned of possible smashed pieces of spark plug falling into the engine. Is that possible?
  5. Well after speaking to a couple of people today things are looking up. A mate of mine recons that the spark plug may have never been fully tightened when it was first put in and has worked itself out. That makes sense because the previous owner mentioned that there was a bit of a ticking noise that sounded like and exhaust leak from that side of the engine.

    Another possibility is that the head has cracked causing the spark plug to come out. I did a bit of a google and have not found any mention of cracked heads on CBRs so I'm thinking that its probably the former.

    If there was any major damage inside the engine that caused the spark plug to be somehow knocked out then I probably would have not been able to casually cross the intersection and park my bike without a huge amount of noice and shit shooting out the side of the motor.

    Either way my mate is coming to pick the bike up tomorrow afternoon to take back to his garage to take a look so I'm feeling hopeful about a cheap or relatively cheap fix before I'm back on the road. :)
  6. For your sakeit sounds like the plug was left lose how ever it may have stripped the threads. Good luck dude.