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Tonight 12/11/09 Discovery Channel 8:30

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. The Greatest Ever
    Motor Cycles

    8.30pm – 9.30pm Discovery Channel
    Thursday 12 November 2009

    In this celebration of modern technology, viewers follow an expert, high-profile panel of judges as they pick, rank and comment on the top-ten motorbikes of all time - those that push the boundaries of speed, performance and style. The team puts their picks through the paces, testing out their claims - racing a superbike with a jet, tossing a bike off a four-story building and filling its tank with cooking grease. The eclectic panel then debates and argues the virtues and failings of each powerful motorbike.
  2. And the top ten they chose..

    10. Harley Davidson Knucklehead
    09. Moto Guzzi V8 Racer
    08. Vespa
    07. Brough Superior
    06. John Britten V1000
    05. Triumph Bonneville
    04. Y2K
    03. Honda CB750
    02. Ducati 916
    01. Honda Cub

    Think they need a new job
  3. My god what a disappointment
  4. Wasn't this on , years ago?
  5. no idea, 1st ive seen or heard of it
  6. Donkey's years old, and the Honda cub - a' la the Postie bike- deserves #1 just for the sheer volume of sales and the true revolution it inspired back in motrocycle design in the 1950s, surviving in multiple incarnations all the way through to today.
  7. I saw it on youtube about a year ago.

    I actually woke up at 3.30am this morning to find my dad asleep on the couch with it playing on discovery channel again.

    I think the list is fair...
  8. i was excited when it came on but then some poofy scooter out ranked the knucklehead..???.turned it off after that point.
  9. Wow, I love watching the Harley-lovers squirm. Actually the whole show was a travesty. The only person there with any credibility at all was Matt Oxley, and, as a racer, his point of view on what was mostly road bikes, is pretty tenuous. And as for having Kenny Roberts, I mean, what were they thinking? I guess he was the "token American" to make the show appealing to the Septics.

    "Reality" TV at its worst, in my opinion.
  10. Mat Oxley is a pretty credible journalist. Glynn Kerr is a designer. The others I don't know about.

    So what, it's a show that expressed an opinion. Just like yours. It's not meant to be a definitive list that withstands the harshest of review (which are all just opinions anyway!).