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  1. anyone seen these? anyone test ridden one? i so want these to be good.


    was browsing bikesales for those laro v-retro's and spotted this, so anyone heard anything? seen anything? totally makes scooters redundant in my opinion.

  2. It's TEENSY!!! I want one!
  3. Another chonda..
    Looks like they have targeted the Mighty Z50 now.

    I'd rather have the original.
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  4. i'd much rather an original one.
  5. The Tonelli is a 125cc and the original was only a 50cc.

    The Tonelli should be good for at least 80km/h which would be f*cking scary that close to the ground. Sounds fun though. $3000 they want for them though that I have seen.

    I have been keeping my eye out for a second hand one to get a cheap one, but none have come up.
  6. Are these really able to be registered for use on the road? How short do you have to be to apply?
  7. The Tonellis are, some of the Z50s are.

    You have to be short or look silly. I would look silly.
  8. Why would it make scooters redundant? It has all the disadvantages (slow, vulnerable, made to Chinese standards) without the advantages (good weather protection, built in storage space).

    I can see it being fun in itself, but the scooter comparison is apples and oranges.
  9. too slow
    when it can do 280 let me know
  10. price says $2500 on bikesales.... would love one to just muck around with, customisation wise, plus for around town hooning it'd be great... no motard, but yeah, could have some fun.
  11. You are right, they have gone down in price. $2500 ride away is not bad. Hmmm might have to go see if i can manage to fit.

    It's surely $2500 worth of fun there.
  12. please do and report back!.

    reckon you could jam a aprilia rs125 engine in there?