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tomw is my leaners woo hoo

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by n3lly, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. :grin: going for my learners tomw havent really riden on a bike before. well it seems 2 be rainin alot :? just wondering does it make a diffcnes? and any pointers or tips

  2. Good luck - i failed my learners first time - nerves got the better of me. second time it was hissing down rain and was so wet that forgot the nerves and sailed thru.
  3. hey nelly, in the rain you tend to get a bit more wet than in the dry, but thats about it. dont let it phase you. just take it easy and when the instructor tells you to perform the manouvere between 20-km/h and 25km/h do the speed that is most comfortable for you. dont think you have to be doing 25kays. just take it easy and chillax.
  4. I did my learners in a day so wet and cold that we ended up not taking the test that day as the instructor didnt think it was fair...so got us all back at another time, it was still raining - but we werent like little drowned rats on bikes...

    I actually appreciated it...as if you dont learn in crappy weather - then people often are too nervous to ride their bike unless its good weather - and that doesnt happen in melbourne that often hehe...if you learn in crap conditions - and you still love it...then its only gonna get better....
  5. Just as I was about to do my learners test, the rain came down. I hadnt ridden a bike before and was surprised how even with the emergency braking/stopping, the wet ground made no difference at all.

    Worst thing is rain all over the visor and fogging up.

    Im sure you will be OK. If I can do it..... anyone can!! :biker:
    Good Luck!
  6. Good luck dude.......u should be fine - just try to have fun with it.

    Hopefully they don't have any spelling tests.

    RR :))
  7. hahaha spelling aye.. yea dam let just hope i remeber my dictionary aye... hahaha well thnks for the advice should be 2 hard should just about changing gears i think i might struggle... well i driven a manual car.. should be similar rite? haha
  8. As somone who had no idea even where the clutch, brakes or anything really was on a bike, I did ok...its suprising how it makes sense once they've explained it to ya...you'll be champion...
  9. All the best n3lly. You will get through alright.
  10. Good luck n3lly, have a great day!
  11. I guess you could call it a test if you wanted to but it's not really a test on the learners day. It's a course. You can fail to complete it but only because you seem too dangerous to have there or are disruptive etc.

    The test comes when you go for your P's. (Or go to the RTA for the computer test part of your L's.)
  12. how did you go n3lly?
  13. hey guys.. today i went for my trainin ride.. did pretty bad.. ><" wasnt 2 happy drop the bike liek 3 or so times.. then got posted 2 do another 2 hrs on nxt friday... sigh...
    o wells great experinces hoping 2 pass the course looking forwade in joining with u guys and riding on 2 wheels.. hopefully soon!!

    hahaha well yea just need 2 balance probly i think...
    well cheers!
  14. Bad luck there n3lly. Ya gotta start some where i guess. Everyones done it before when they first start out so dont feel too down about it.

    Just keep at it and you'll be doin mono's in no time.
  15. Next time just look str8 knees up against the tank , you will learn how to balance easy , then gears and you will be fine ! were in syd r u from? im new to riding a motorbike so i can teach you the basic stuff to get going , i ride everyday around 8hrs a day so i do alot , ( damn work )
  16. thnks for the tips ill keep that in mind!
    from strathfield area.. soo it in the middle of everything.

    wat about u? maybe when i get my liences we could meet up hehehe and hopefully share some stories
  17. i used to live there , 2nd time through you will pass
  18. Hi there n3lly
    Don't worry to much next week you will be right just put this week down to experience ok.

    All the best