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Tomtom Rider v2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Peleus, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm considering another gadget for the bike. Its becoming more and more my sole mode of transport now I've sold my car, so I'm thinking of taking it up to Sydney etc when I need to go for work.

    My eyes are fixed on the tomtom rider v2, which I should be able to pick up for around the $800 mark. Anyone used one of these units before? I'm thinking of rigging up something so it can mount on the central hole in the yoke nut. How do they find it?

    Quick questions, I've seen conflicting reports of it having a 20gb hard drive, does it or does it not?

    Does it have a MP3 player? If so I imagine it would but does it play through the blue tooth headset.

    Is it fairly reliable, anyone who owns the v2 or previous have you had problems with them?

    Did you use it as much as you think you would? I don't go up to Sydney THAT often however it would make my life easier / more justifiable if it did have that hard drive and I could use it as an MP3 player as well.

    Feedback in general is good.

    I'm mainly focusing on the tomtom because of my ability to get it through work at that price, other units such as garmin I would consider but I would be paying a fair bit more for them.

    Thanks for your feedback (hopefully).
  2. I dont think most people know what it is but i think its a Sat Nav unit from memory.

    Wudnt want it to rain and I hope u have a bloody good alarm system.
  3. err its a GPS unit designed specifically for a motorbike, its waterproof, shockproof, and is removable from the mount by simply lifting the top catch - its not a permanently mounted unit, so as long as you remember to put it in your pocket when you leave your bike what alarm you have is irrelevant. :)

    To the OP:

    Yes there are a few of us on here that have TomTom Riders, (v1) and they are excellent units. Highly recommended. No they do NOT have a 20GB hard drive, nor do they have an inbuilt MP3 player. (This includes both v1 and v2 units) There is a 3rd party freeware MP3 player that has been written for TomTom's, but at this point it does not work for the Rider (v1 or v2). Going by the published specs of the v1 compared to the v2 there is no difference in functionality that I can see. I suspect it is largely performance improvements between the version.

    They have minimal internal memory and use an SD card for maps and other applications. You get a fairly small SD card with the Aussie maps loaded and not free room for much else, however you can copy all the data over onto a bigger card and put this into the unit if you want to install some 3rd party apps and extras.

    As for needing to rig up a mount - they come with several different hardware mounting options for a motorbike in the box as standard, so you shouldn't have any issue mounting it.

    I've had no issues with mine, and have run it in some fairly extreme weather conditions (try the top of Mt Hotham at night in the freezing cold, gale force winds, driving rain and sleet and heavy fog) and it hasn't missed a beat. Two thumbs up from me - but if you are after an MP3 player in a GPS unit, this isn't it. However there are ipods that do that job rather well... :grin:
  4. The TomTom Rider V1 had issues with the touch screen not working whilst wearing gloves. I would hope this has been resolved.
  5. Ah, strange, Ive never had that with my v1 TomTom Rider.

    I don't even know if v2 has even arrived in Australia yet, does anyone know if it has or not? I recently bought a GPS unit for under $300 which seems to do most/all of TomTom rider does and more (mp3 player etc(. i.e the blurb for the unit I have is at here

    If you want it to connect to the central hole, then you'd need to fit it using a RAM mount. Such as the following:




    Just don't stack the bike whilst having the GPS unit on it ;)

    Where did you ever see people ay it has 20gb on it? Totally wrong there.
  6. undii can you post more info on your GPS unit like what/where etc you got it???

  7. scratch last post undii......me has founded it on fleabay.

    But, can you give us a run down on what its like.
  8. That unit says nothing about being waterproof, and on a bike that is 100% essential, or you will end up with a $300 piece of junk.

    The Rider 2 is internally identical to the Rider 1 with the same SurfstarII chip. It has a completely different mount though, a bought-in American 'RAM' mount instead of Tom Tom's own design. They say the touch screen is more sensitive too, but frankly I have never had any issue with the existing one.

    Given that you can get a killer deal on the Rider 1 at the moment, I can't see the point of spending almost $1,000 on the 2 when the differences are minimal.
  9. Ah, depends on junk for waterproof as I have a spot where rain/water won't reach it whilst riding. So.. that is pretty much covered as for the whole year I've had, ridden in torrential rain, this spot above the dash never got wet. So that is covered I think :grin:

    So hopefully it is good for that side of things *if* I use it on the bike (if the Rider is 100% 'dead'.) I definitely won't get a Rider v1 again due to the multitude of stuff ups it's had, about a year after it was bought.

    FOr a couple hundred I thought why not since I 'saved' roughly that (plus some) on the leather jacket + touring pants I bought 2 weeks ago, non used. :)

    Time to call TomTom now as NO insurance quote comes close to who I have now for premium per year and excess.. Oops, just remembered, one more to try, teachers credit union of Vic.
  10. Undii - does that GPS use Whereris maps?

    Also, another one i've found uses "Navteq" maps - anyone know anything about these????
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    http://www.i-tech.com.au/Library/Include/PrintItem.aspx?id=18266&name=TOMTOM RIDER v2 GPS, ,

    has the obscure reference that made me ask the hard drive question.
    "All the newest maps are installed on a 20 Gb hard disk as one seamless map, allowing you to find your way to any address in Australia."

    I was thinking of that ram mount for it undii, cheers.

    Looks like a few problems but overall a good unit. Keep the feedback coming :D
  12. I did a test for you inci :grin: I put a small piece of plastic bag over the gps that totally covered it so it would be waterproof. It didn't hamper the use of the touch screen at all (by finger) nor the actual GPS signal(s) were lost. So it can still be in the open, in the cradle (as I just out the bag over the unit then put it in the cradle to see if it would work - all for you :grin:), it might not look as cool, but meh, it looks like it would work OK, I haven't bothered to put it in/on the bike at all (mainly lack of motivation at present) but I will soon, most likely tomorrow or during the week.

    If anyone wants me to give my results I can but with the deals of the v1 of the TomTom Rider, are people still able vto (easily?) buy them at the cheap prices (like $450 I think????? Or do I remember wrongly?). Just because if so, I might let any friends interested in a GPS unit know about the cheap priced ones if any are available in Melb?

    Speaking to the support person at TomTom, it seems they will fix the unit for free under warranty (hopefully anyway, it might just be a blown fuse?) It's weird, it was working just fine, went to turn it on the next day,*no love* at all. So, I will send it in Monday and let people know how the v1 TomTom Rider repair goes (if it does ;) )
  13. OH ... MY ... GOD ...

    After literally several frustrating hours of working with my TomTom Rider v1 in trying to get it to turn on (either via the button OR via the hard wire I have on my bike) to no avail, I was reading an unofficial TomTom forum just before where a search of "Rider" brought up a person saying they thought they had their unit broken until their son used a table edge to push the button in. I thought "Just maybe ..." momentarliy forgetting it wasn't working with the hard wire on bike ignition anyway and tried it. No love.. Then a new tact. I squeezed the buttons with both my thumb nails (not just for a click/push) but for like a good 5 - 10 seconds.

    VA VA VABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT LOVE! Now the fun part, trying to find the SD card I lost in the mean time of taking it out to see if it was stuffed like last time and I stupidly didn't put it back in.... I have spent the past 2-3 days off and on looking for it. All hope isn't lost though, a contact tells me I can copy their map and I just need to enter my authorisation code from my originally purchased box for it to work. ALL GOOD once I get a copy of theirs with my newly bought (larger) SD card. heh.. So much trouble but the feeling of joy after all the hassles kinda makes a better "after feeling". So, I'm literally feeling on top of the world at moment.. heh. 4-5 days of :evil: turns into :oops: and finally ends in :grin:

    YAY..... Now I have to investigate in why the unit doesn't automatically turn on with igition (could be fluffed wiring.....)

    *does another jig* for today
  14. Any info on where to find good deals on the rider v1?

    And is there a car kit for the v1 with inbuilt speakers like they are offering for the v2? Alternative is just to pair it up with a regular mount kit and a bluetooth headset of course...
  15. You've probably missed the boat on the good v1 deals. Harvey Norman were flogging them off for less than cost price - unlikely to be any stores with them now, but may not hurt to ring around.

    As for car mounts, the official Tomtom car mount for the rider is simply a windscreen mount and a charger, but no speakers. You can use any old bluetooth headset for it - no need to use the supplied one that comes with the unit, so if you have a bluetooth phone headset you can use that. The Rider links up with a bluetooth phone, so you can use your headset for the phone and the GPS at the same time. Alternatively you could pick up any of those "handsfree" bluetooth car kits (that you can put on the sunvisor etc) which have inbuilt speakers and they will work just as well.
  16. No worries, thanks. Even at around 900 bucks its still a damn site cheaper than the garmin zumo 550 :)