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TomTom Rider V2 - 50% off At Harvey Norman.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Cayne, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone just thought I would let you guys know that I bought myself a TomTom Rider V2 yesterday at Harvey Norman. I know they are usually really over priced, and I never shop there but I was walking past and decided to look at GPS units. I found the TomTom Rider in a 50% off bin down from $798.00. The guy said something about needed to move them quickly because they are being discontinued for sale in Harvey Norman and Domain or something like that.

    So yeh, if you are keen to get a great GPS for your bike, run down to your nearest Harvey Norman and pick one up. Im not sure how long they will last but I am stoked I came across it and got mine.

    Anyway, hope this helped someone save a few dollars! Cheapest I have seen them elsewhere so far is around $650.00AUD, so $399.00 is not a bad price :shock:

    Take it easy guys. :cool:


  2. Indeed they do look pretty good, I wonder if they have a model specific for bikes?

    Looks like they have so cool features...