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Tomtom rider & Suzuki

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Dugite, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Hi all just a little info for anyone who bought one of the Suzuki models that you got a free Tomtom rider with. If like me you registered your Tomtom product on their website & tried to contact Tomtom for the free map upgrade two emails, three faxes & no reply. I contacted Suzuki Aust who finally had more success in making contact they asked on our behalf about the map upgrade & were told we are not eligible as Suzuki purchased the units prior to Tomtoms offer commencing 1st May to 31st July 06 inclusive.

    Tomtoms website says they are a consumer orientated company if so you would think they would have emailed people to let them know they weren't eligible instead of just ignoring them. I find it very clever of Suzuki to be able to buy the correct amount of units before they sold the bikes but i thats a bit cynical of me isn't it.

    I hope this helps anyone who has been wondering why their not getting an answer to their faxes or emails.

    Regards Dave

  2. Gee that is poor form indeed.

    I think you should really have your beef with Suzuki NOT TomTom. If Suzuki were selling these and telling people that the free map updates were included then Suzuki owe you a free map update. If however tehy never claimed to include teh free updates, then you might be out of luck.
  3. Suzuki didn't make any claims about map updates they honored their commitment by supplying the Tomtom rider as per their promo & tried to get the update for me. My beef is with Tomtom, more for being ignorant in not replying to customers to let them know how they stand on the upgrade. If the units were purchased outside the offer period that is fair enough, but to simply ignore customers is downright rude.

    It would not have been very difficult to have added to their website that those who received their Tomtoms from Suzuki were not eligible for the upgrade.
  4. Yeah fair enough.

    From my dealings in the past with TomTom through their website, they do take quite a long time to respond to questions. I got the feeling that the website is managed outside OZ. My enquiry took about 3 weeks to respond to. I agree that its not really good enough.

    Those issues aside....how do you find the TomTom?
  5. The Tomtom is great works well & is supplied with enough different brakets to make mounting it on the bike very easy, you also get the Bluetooth gear with it.

    I think your right about the website as the comlaint procedure listed on the site is to write a letter to an address in the Netherlands.
  6. Firstly, I own a Tom Tom One. Or rather, the missus does. She got it for mother's day, which was on May 14 which brings me to point two. Does this offer for free map upgrades extend to all Tom Toms or just the Rider? If all, I wonder why Tom Tom didn't mention it when I asked about an upgrade as the current map, while great, still has errors in it.

    As for the unit itself, it's an excellent bit of gear. Easy to read, easy to use. PC-GPS interface and software is basic - backup and restore functions only. Maps stored on a SD memory card.

    Dunno if I'd get one for the bike. I plonked the missus' TT on the bike to see how it'd look, if it were a Tom Tom Rider. Obscured half the dash for starters. Might look a bit too big.

    Horses for courses, I s'pose.

    Anyway, I'll contact TT again to see how far this free update goes with respect to models.
  7. The offer extends to Tomtom GO, 300, 500, ONE & Rider.
    At least thats what their website says, you have to download an application form & fax or email it to them. It must be done by 31st July