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Tomtom GPS - Group Buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bangr, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Howdy

    I will be getting one of these to us on the Bike and in the Van , was thinking if any one else wants one maybe we can get a better price .

    PM if you are interested , they are around $900.00 .

  2. I bought one a couple weeks ago. They ROCK! Such a nice nifty thing for a bike (and car) :)

    They go for about $850 on ebay FYI (that's what I paid 2 weeks ago) :)
  3. Undii,

    Did you get the Australian mapping with yours?, I just checked ebay and they are shipping with the UK map

  4. Yeah roughc, thats the only thing thats stopped me from buying one of those from Ebay.
    The cost of the OZ maps is huge!
  5. By the way, the Australian maps from TomTom are AU$339.

  6. Has OZ maps and a voucher for a free 2006 upgrade. i.e http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=9736121697&rd=1&sspagename=STRK:MEWN:IT&rd=1
  7. I got my wife a Tom Tom One as a gift, recently. It's an excellent piece of gear. However, the map does have errors, and you can report them to Tom Tom for inclusion in an update.

    My problem with it is that existing customers have to pay upwards of $200 for the updated maps. Hardly seems fair, particularly if the customer base is helping make the mapping more accurate.

    I'd consider one for the bike. But it's a fairly hefty unit and may "overwhelm" the bike's dash with a huge bracket to fit it on. Something halfway between my Etrex Legend C and the TomTom would probably be ideal.
  8. Re: (GPS) TOM TOM -Rider

    I think the Garmin 2820's are a much better product....
  9. Re: (GPS) TOM TOM -Rider

    Seeing the RRP is $500-$600 more, I'd expect it to be. It comes down to what features you want/don't want vs cost. I'm damn happy with the tomtom rider I have :) If anyone wants to see it in action, I'll bring it with me to any coffee nights I attend. Even tho I won't be heading out in rain with my arm, coffee nights for me might be a bit of a wait.

    Thursday A little rain. Min 9 Max 15
    Friday Few showers. Min 9 Max 14
    Saturday Few showers. Min 8 Max 13
    Sunday Few showers. Min 8 Max 13
  10. The problem with regards to the mapping is that Tom Tom/Garmin/Navman etc all buy their nav data from Sensis...they are the ones who map the country then the company that makes the Nav system buys their data and build their devices operating system around it...so in this instance it's not Tom Toms fault...think of it like computers the people who make the Nav make the hardware...the maps not being 100% is a software issue and as you said the known ones are corrected with a yearly update...

    It's like phone coverage...you get drop outs in area with supposed great coverage too...nothings perfect...it may just mean you have to work around it a bit...

    OT but how are you likng your Blackbird?



    Just checking to make sure you didn't get caught out mate...it's a common problem some people make when buying off ebay and the net...good price by the way the Garmin doesn't appear to be available here yet...will check at work tomorrow...If ok with the mods I can maybe investigate a group buy for you guys and see what we can do
  11. I might be interested in one of these, im always getting lost.
  12. Hmm.... navigation would be very handy :twisted:

    Interested in getting one myself!
  13. man i would love one
    just dont have the cash for it :cry: :cry:
  14. Why not you got ALL the bling... :p :grin:

  15. Yeah me too. Half the reason I missed some rides is because I didn't know how to get to the meeting point. The frustration of looking for a street, needing to stop the bike, take backpack off, get melways out of backpack, read up directions, find way, put melways back, put backpack on, start riding again = ONE BIG TIME WASTE. Now I can go anywhere I like and instantly know the way to where I have to be 'in time'. So I'll be able to take long ways to places without having the need to stop at all, unless to get petrol or so :)

    And also just the plain fun factor of watching the nav stuff (at lights, stops) is just hell fun at moment. Hope I don't get sick of it :grin:
  16. On the surface of it, i am keen as well. However i guess it would all come down to what price we could negotiate.

    I have received an email from an Australian Ebay seller and his price for the TomTom Rider with OZ maps is somewhere just below $900, so i would be seeking a reasonable discount for a bulk purchase.

    Keep up informed.

    oh and i still cant really decide between the Tomtom Rider and the Garmin Quest.
  17. What about the ones on Ebay?

    TomTom Riders seem to be going for 120 Euros plus 55 Euro shipping. So total 175 euro = AU$300.

    Even though you'd have to buy the OZ maps, from the TomTom site they are $330 so your looking at AU$630 which is pretty cheap.

    *obviously this assumes these are genuine Ebay items.
  18. Actually .. free, if you purchased after May 1st and $140 if you purchased prior. Offer expires July 30th.