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Toms B-day ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by tommytomtom, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. hey people i've got my birthday (which falls on a monday) coming up so im putting a ride on the sunday (3rd of Jan) before. We plan to go to king lake and back through the spurs. having a couple of drinks the night before at mcmahons pub on the corner of spencer and hawkes st's the night before.
    ride leaves the bp in st kilda marina at 10am hope to see you down there.

  2. Happy birthday in advance Tom.

    May see you on the Suday, see how the new year party go.
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry, I can't make the ride :LOL:
  4. Happy B day Tom - you might want to reconsider the BP meet point
    as the weekly mystery rides have been warned off by the popo - if any locals see a few bikes gathering you can be sure someone'll ring 'em -
    there's a thread on the subject you can look at
  5. yeah but most of the people comming aren't from netrider although i don't want the cops to rock up there either oh well to late to change now hopefully they wont make a show.
  6. I am going to tag along and do this ride as well.
    The weather is going to be dry and mid 20 degrees.Thats pretty good riding weather.
    Tom rides a cruiser and he will lead the ride through the suburbs.I ride a sports so I will lead the ride when we get to the open twisty roads.
    Everyone is welcome to join the ride.Riders of all abilities can do the ride.The pace of the ride will be at the speed limits or a bit slower.
    If any riders want to go faster they can overtake and regroup at the next stop.
    The ride will have corner marking and a TEC at the back of the group.
    This means that no one will get lost or be left behind.
    Hope to see a few bikes at the BP in St Kilda at 10am for a 10.30am sharp departure.
  7. The Boss has said i can go out and play
    so time to join the group
  8. Cool
    See you in the morning tony.:cool:
  9. I'll be there. Up the back. Behind the sports bikes.
  10. See you at the BP luke:cool:
  11. Have fun guys can't make it, have lunch with the family.
  12. any other meet points closer to Kinglake for this one?, not much point for me travelling all the way into St Kilda only to come back out again
  13. I'll be just in front of you. Last time I rode behind you for a while I got such a headache!!
  14. Had Kids this weekend , so just tagged along with Bruce for the ride down to the BP where he headed off with the group , just a few happy snaps here ..

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  16. great day out guys,, Thanks
  17. Well, that was an interesting day :-s

    Thanks, and Happy Birthday tomorrow, Tom =D>
  18. haha, someone seems to crash on your rides XD
  19. Had a good day guys - thanks to the leaders and TECS.
    Shame about the damage to the black one.
  20. Happy birthday Tom.