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Tomorrow - Tues 5th: Exploring the Wollondilly(South of Syd)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ginji, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Alright, I may have lived here for the entire time I've been riding, but I'm yet to get out there and explore the roads and see what is out there. So I'm inviting everyone out there to come with me and see if the Wollondilly shire has anything to offer in the way of twisties.

    There won't be a fixed route, I'm going to go get a decent map of the area soon and we'll hit what ever looks interesting. We'll probably venture further south into Wingecarribee Shire (Southern Highlands). To start off with, we'll meet in Campbelltown and zip down Menangle Road to Picton and then stop for coffee and to decide on the next road to hit.

    The roads around here are often in poor condition, heavily wooded on the sides and narrow. I'd rate this ride as somewhere between a 3 and 4, but we'll be taking it easy so learners are welcome.

    We'll meet at Macarther Station at 10am to begin with, the next bit of riding is about 40km, so have enough petrol to ride that far ;) Easiest way to get to there from the city is to find the M5, follow it down and exit at Narellan Road to the left, follow that down to Kellicar Road and turn right onto Gilchrist Drive and then left onto Menangle Road. Map of the area can be found here

    If people want to come up from the Southern Highlands, and don't want to come all the way up to Campbelltown, find us in Picton at around 10:30am

    Bring cold weather gear! You may find it's nice and warm in the city, but once you come here, you'll find that it is anything but!

    You can contact me on 0431 473 911, I have dodgy coverage though, so if you call me, I will call you back, or you can send me an SMS. Voice mail is there as well, so leave a message so I know who I'm calling back.

    If you're coming down from the city, you can contact smarteeee on 0421 055 000, don't trust him on directions though, he's not a local!
  2. If you don't like the starting time, then I can make it later... It's all pretty open atm
  3. I'm not a rampaging axe murder guys, surely there are some people out there interested in this ride? :?
  4. I have this annoying thing called 'work' on Tuesdays :?
  5. Yea, I get that some people need to work, but still, wouldn't you rather be riding around? ;)
  6. Alright, Smarteeee got a new tyre for the 'Busa, so we're at Macarthur Station at 9:30, anyone that cares to join us is most welcome
  7. Heeeeeeellllllll yes :eek: Does my voice sound like I might have the flu? :LOL:
  8. smarteee is up from Melbourne, eh?

    well, depending on events of the next few hours, I am interested. Whereabouts would a south coast rider meet up with this entourage??
  9. Yup, smarteee is up from Melbourne, he's riding a 'Busa he bought from the Gold Coast down and taking his time, as you should.

    Picton at 10ish would probably be the best place for you, would be great to have you along as well :)
  10. Change of times Meeting at Campbelltown at 10am, so at Picton at 10:30, smarteee broke his GPS :LOL:
  11. Hey Ginji, it was a great ride around Picton and its surrounding areas. Great blast down the freeway to but disappointing I missed Oran Park ride.
  12. yea, I didn't even see a sign for it, otherwise I would have remembered to turn off for it... Was a blast though overall :cool: