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tomorrow im booked in for my first bike lesson

Discussion in 'VIC' started by abdraheim, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. hey cool man can i not wait! out at the HART joint. its only the free 1hr and 1/2 lesson but hey...IT FREE!!! and after i get that outa the way ill book the lvl 1 n 2 lesson they have there.

    wish me luck dudes ...hope i dont drop one of their bikes LOL

  2. oops sorry went in the wrong section this was ment to go in de newbie's corner
  3. Lotsa luck, mate, listen and learn and be a good rider
  4. Never mind. Great to hear you're taking the first step. Have a great day.
  5. pfftt, who cares if you drop it, you don't have to pay for the repairs, go hard ! :D
  6. I'm with slyfox. What better bike to pole-axe into the ground then someone elses :LOL:
  7. Good luck mate and enjoy....
  8. The boys at HART have support bars welded on the bikes, so dropping it won't do any damage to the bike itself. Feel free to drop to your hearts content.