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Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters

Discussion in 'Archived' started by bjornzzz, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Hey all, got some unwanted Christmas gifts which I received which I need to get rid off as they don't fit me. For some reason family thinks I'm fat and decided to get me my favourite sweaters two sizes too big for me. :(

    Basically got a couple of blue and black sweaters in size L which are brand new for sale, and am looking for $60 each for them.

  2. Pics might help.
  3. pics and location
  4. Damn forgot to reply, but here are some pictures of the two sweaters.


  5. Any takers?
  6. i can only see one pic, the other isn't working for me, and where are you located?
  7. You got em for nothing and are asking 60 bucks a pop.
    quite a profit.
    Why don't you exchange them?
  8. this happens all the time. thus, ebay was born ;)
  9. They aren't even worth $60, but probably sell for something like $120+ in store. Go to Target and buy the same thing for $15-20. The difference being... you get a Target tag on the inside of the collar rather then a Tommy Hilfiger one.

  10. dont old farts wear those things?
  11. Located in Melbourne.. Nope can't exchange them anymore as it's past the 14 days return policy. Well same thing probably applies to nike and a whole range of products, it's called a brand premium. Ask why people buy iPhones, because it's an Iphone.
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    And chavs in the UK
Thread Status:
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