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Tomewin sorry....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Truck1n, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. sorry mr ducati (multistrada?? maybe) and round head lighted motorbike on Tomewin mountain (QLD-NSW) run i came way too fast into a corner and ended up on your side of the road (wanker on the repsol 250) today 9th march sometime around 1-2?
    i appologise for being another douche road racer.... in all honestly i just zoned out and am really glad it was you not a truck/car........ flame away :(

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  2. You d*ckhead.

    Don't worry, we've all f*cked up at some point, you seem to have learned your lesson, the easy way I might add. :)

    What will next time you're in that situation?
  3. Glad you're ok. These things happen in life. Just put it down to experience and move on.
    A wise man once said..."those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it"
  4. Slow in, fast out is a much safer way to ride. Glad no one was hurt.
  5. ummmm he's on a "repsol 250" (cbr250rr i'm guessing). more like slow in slow out....
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  6. Brave man to post that. Live and learn.
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  8. yes i got off very easy. i was luckily only half a foot over the double whites but it was enough to scare old mate.. just felt sorry for the guy its not a nice situation in his seat.

    next time? hopefully theres no next time haha i dunno i know the road very well ride it everyday so i guess i just got a little overconfident... just gotta dial it back a bit i guess
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  9. Someone who admits to riding like a fuckwit and apologies earns respect in my book. Lesson learned, dont do it again.
  10. I've made bigger errors in judgement.
    What happened to you, while not good, is not the end of the world either. The other bloke is probably thinking out loud that you were a tool, but to himself, he is really glad you were on a bike, and not in a car.
    It's a shared lesson in how easily things can go South.

    Don't get down on yourself. Take everything about it on board and turn it into a real positive.

    No one is immune to over cooking a corner and get stuck running wide. The thing is, when it happens next time, one must prevent the running wide bit, by weight shifting, kill the throttle, push it over more and making sure, you stay on your side of the road. Even then, you can still fail to succeed.
    Running wide, can very easily be an ugly death sentence, so it is important to register to yourself - that you could easily have had your guts spurt across the road, when the trucks wheel goes over your body. Kinda like when we stand on a big slug bare footed.

    You made an error in judgement...it happens to us all, but the imagery is an accurate outcome, unless you just get lucky. As you did this time.

    It's a message we all should take on board, along with the associated imagery, because it is not an exaggeration, when your luck runs out.
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  11. Every day going to work I will have at least one car on my side of the road at Tomewin. I'm also there at the same time as the school bus which can be interesting.

    Look out for the regular gravel patches there, they have put me off a couple times and I've ended up on the wrong side of the lines too, so far so good.
  12. yeah it gets pretty dodgy up there on weekdays then you get the random day trippers lunch time on weekends that stop mid corner...

    especially on the nsw side ever since all that rain theres a few corners just covered in the shit.
  13. Even the cyclists get it wrong up there and end up on the other side!
  14. Wish the two arsehats riding too damn fast in the wrong lane on Putty Rd last year would apologise for giving me no better option than to turn opposite to the corner and crash (better than hitting one of them) my nice new BMW.

    I kinda like this thread. You strike me as the sort of person who if for example, accidentally tipped a bike over when the owner was away, would actually leave a note and claim responsibility. It's good these sort of folk still exist.
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  15. I meant next time you're about to run wide, what will you do instead?

    Good on you for posting.