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Tomato product linked to Hepatits-A cases

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, May 23, 2009.

  1. Tomato product linked to Hepatits-A cases

    A semi-dried tomato product mixed with garlic, herbs and oil has been linked to a spike in hepatitis A cases in at least three states, health authorities say.

    South Australian director of public health Kevin Buckett says there have been 26 cases in the state since March, more than 70 in Victoria and an increased number in Queensland.

    The cases are thought to be linked to the tomato product, which is manufactured in both Victoria and Queensland and sold in various states by weight.

    The product is sold in supermarkets and could also be used by snack bars and cafes in food preparation.

    It is being recalled by the manufacturing company, Dr Buckett said.

    People who suspect they may have some of the product, or any similar product, at home should discard it.

    Dr Buckett said tests were yet to determine the exact source of the contamination.

    He said health officials in SA were working with their counterparts in Victoria and Queensland to identify which ingredient was responsible.

    'The advice we're getting from epidemiology is that the outbreak is ongoing and we're doing what we can to protect the public,' Dr Buckett said.

    'There is a national incident response process that has been triggered.'

    A series of tele-conferences on Friday were expected to determine the level of response in other states.

    Symptoms of hepatitis A include abdominal cramps and jaundice.

  2. But Swine Flu has a more catchier name so this goes relatively unreported...
  3. Maybe because there is little that can be done for swine flu and because it's relatively new and therefore more interesting to people???? Hep A (like hep 8) on the other hand is common place and of little concern to anyone who's been imunised against it. :)

    The purpose of news media is purely for entertainment. :wink: