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Tom Tom Rider and mounting brackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjt57, May 14, 2006.

  1. We got the missus a Tom Tom One GPS navigator for Mother's Day. We've just taken it for a test run. Unbelievably easy to use and the level of map details is incredible.

    So, I looked at at Tom Tom website and discovered that there's a Tom Tom rider model. However, its mounting brackets are not suited for the majority of bikes that don't have tubular style handlebars.

    I was wondering if any of you chasps or chaspettes have one of these, or seen on on a bike with clip-on style handlebars, and if so, how was it mounted?
  2. What was the TomTom priced at compared to the Garmin Quest?
  3. Don't know. I'm not familiar with the Quest. Whatever, the TomTom cost $750.
  4. Thanks for the link.

    Just looking at them now. I'm not sure how any of them can be used to mount what I'd want to mount on a triple clamp arrangement such as what's on most sports/touring bikes, these days.

    Roundman over on the MRA site made me a stainless rig for my Etrex. I'd probably be able to use it for the TomTom bike mount but looking at the arrangement, the thing looks like it might stick up a fair way, enough to either be affected by windflow, or perhaps even be a hazard in the event of some nasty incident occuring. Certainly, asthetically, such an setup would look somewhat poxy.
  5. I have a Garmin Quest, its mounted with a RAM mount with the powered Garmin bike mount. If not on my bike its suction mounted to the screen of my Pathfinder 4x4.

    Its awsome.

    You can do all your planning on your computer and then download them to the Quest. Check that you can do that with any GPS. Comes pre-loaded with City Navigator Australia V6 and has the CD to install on your computers.
  6. Would you mind posting some photos of your setup? Now that both Vic and yourself have pointed me to the Quest, and that it comes with City Navigator, it may be a viable option to the TomTom Rider.

    We were out and about again today. I took the opportunity to play with it. I'm staggered by the accuracy of the maps, even for our rural town, Traralgon. For example, the missus was driving. She turned onto a service road running along side the Princes Highway. We stopped at a furniture store. When we left there she'd programmed it to take us to the centre of town. The TomTom was able to recognise that we were in the service lane. The directions said to turn right onto the princes highway, get into the right lane, then 800 metres down the road, turn right again onto the street that we were going to.

    Bloody amazing.

    However, (there's always a however, I reckon), the maps are out of date. It doesn't show some of the new estates around here, and parts of Narre-Warren Sth where my daughter (and Dale P) lives isn't on there. I think that estate's been there for at least 5 years. But some of the new estates around here have only been here probably 3 years, which are on the map.

    I had a look at the TomTom site. It has a downloadable ($300) map of Oz, but it appears to be the same version as what we have already.

    That's the only drawback. That we have to pay to upgrade an existing map at full retail price is a bit rich. So, I doubt that we'll be doing that.

    Currently, I'm playing with software for the Garmin Etrex Legend C that I have for the bike. It's called "Tracks4Australia" and relies on contributions from people who send in their GPS track logs and waypoints. I was able to upload the maps to the GPS. The detail is greater than the pre-installed base map. The version I have is free. The "pro" version has more detail again, and is about $50, I think. It's usage is more for rural and regional Oz. For city navigating I'd get the City Navigator or Metroguide software.
  7. Vic, you're a fan of the Quest, aren't you? A mate has one on his Beemer. He made a bracket that bolts to the left handlebar and on which the Quest bike bracket is bolted. Looks rather spiffo.

    But then last night, while reading the Oz Blackbird website a fellow with a TomTom Rider made up a bracket for his unit. It's so simple that it should be patented, I reckon. He got a bit of tube steel, blanked off at the end and welded at tang to it for mounting in an appropriate spot.
  8. An update. Last night at work we made up a couple of stainless mounting brackets, using tube steel. It allows you to mount things that would normally require normal round handlebars which most sports/tourers these days do not have.

    Here are a few links to what I've done.


    I tidied the job up by buying a couple of plastic caps from Clark Rubber which were inserted into the tube ends to cover the holes up. Looks rather swisho, I reckon...

  9. Both those jobs are awesome.

    When I can get out more often then I'll buy a GPS
  10. thanks guys.

    Credit has to be given to "Davo" over on OZ Blackbird.net who gave me the original idea for the clip-on mount.

    Anyway, I've now got a decent and reasonably non-poxy looking setup.

    Wonder how it'd go with the Tom Tom or Quest mounts. They look fairly substantial in those photos. Might be too big. Might stick out a mile.