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Tom Tom for iPhone

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chrome, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. So, I bought the Tom Tom application for the iPhone a few days ago, intending to use it in the car. On a whim last night, I fired it up and asked it to take me home while riding. I started playing music on it, put the earbuds in, put on my helmet, put the iPhone in my pocket and zoomed off on the bike.

    I was pleasantly surprised; it works quite well, softening the music to give you directions. It doesn't chatter incessently at you; but rather gives you directions only when you need them.

    It seemed to get a signal just fine in my pocket, and didn't skip a beat.

    It chews the power a fair bit so it might be a good idea to get a charging cable for the bike if you intend to use it for a long ride.

    As a full sized GPS replacement, I think it's a pretty good app, and the convenience of having it all in a single device is a huge win in my book.

    If you already have an iPhone, don't currently use a GPS unit on your bike but are thinking about getting one, check out the iPhone Tom Tom application. Its currently got $20 off on the price, so its a good deal, I think.

  2. I have it on my iPhone and it works very well, occasionally when it does lose the signal it directs me into houses and paddocks but it is very accurate most times
  3. When you say no signal, you mean no GPS signal yes?? (not 3G signal).
  4. Yep no gps signal
  5. I use igo software on my phone.
    It has the added advantage of fixed speed camera warnings :)
  6. On an overcast day it will probably struggle to get GPS reception, which is the same as most of the standard units available.
    With a clear sky there shouldn't be any issue.

    I'd also be careful with cops though, as its still a phone that you're using.. regardless of the fact you arent pressing buttons or talking on it.
    That - and a cop once told me you're not allowed to have earbuds in both ears, only one; for the sake of being able to hear emergency vehicle sirens.

  7. That last bit is a bullshit thing the cop said.
    there is no law against wearing earbuds when driving/riding.
  8. Tom Tom has the same
  9. Thanks for the clarification.. perhaps its just frowned upon by some of them then, because dad got the same lecture a month before I did, but nothing ever came from it
  10. I don't know about other states but in NSW it's perfectly legal to use a hands free kit in a car. An iPhone mounted to your bike with earbuds would pass as a hands free kit.

    Thanks for the review on the software I'm looking at getting something soon and will highly consider this.
  11. I'm not sure if it will help but I just JB'd my phone and have tom tom, co pilot, navigon & mobile maps installed on my iPhone.

    After using all 4 I've realised as good as Tom tom is it also seems to take the longest time out of all of them to lock on to a satellite and start providing feedback.
  12. I'm using Cygia which was $60 and highly recommend it. They recently gave a great free update which has addressed some silly issues (traffic circle instead of roundabout for instance!)

    Effective text to speech which is invaluable when only using the audio.
  13. I tried Tom Tom & Cygic, as far as I know, no new updates have changed the firmware which is the same for the Tom Tom's actual dedicated GPS units. Unlike my old GPS (Mio), I found that the software for these are quite shitty in regards to having to select a suburb before it will let you search for street names!? Unless I'm useless with there layout, I found it to be very annoying! You have to be bang on with the suburn or it wont even return any "nearby" results.

    Massive negative for me, haven't tried the others, so dunno if they do this any better, but for me, I just use the standard maps app with my 3g which lets you search just like whereis without any given suburb & returns multiple points if there are doubles or similar streets = win!

  14. The only downside with using the standard google map app is that it requires constant reception and internet connection whereas navigation apps such as sygic, navigon or tom tom actually have all the maps installed on the phone and will work in all circumstances.
  15. Yeah I understand that much, but I've rarely been caught out. & Unless I was travelling interstate, as I said, I've very rarely had no reception. Until someone can tell me of a dedicated GPS app that does the above mentioned, I think I'll make do with what I've got. If I can't navigate within an hour of my house, I probably shouldn't be needing a GPS anyway :p
  16. Having said that prior to me JB my iPhone last week I made do with the google map app since I bought my 3gs last year in August and it did its job fine.

    Now if I want to go somewhere unkown I turn on my music punch in the coordinates and put it in my pocket and have the upside of getting voice instructions while riding instead of stopping to check if im on the right track. Only if the google map app did that it would have been awesome.
  17. Agreed... have you sussed out those other apps & can confirm whether or not they allow you to just punch in a street name without the suburb!? I may just have to JB my phone again if they do... defs worth it for 'testing purposes' before splashing the cash on a pointless app! :p

    Do they JB version 3.1.3 yet!? (Or is that another thread to search for! :p)
  18. I've only been jb for less than a week and going from 60 apps to 250 apps is overwhelming. I'll muck around with the navigation apps I have and will get back to you on what you want to find out.

    AFAIK at this stage there is still no untethered jb for 3.1.3 however you can jb tethered but that will mean everytime your phone switches off you will lose your jb and
    must connect to a Pc just to be able to restart.
  19. "Spirit Unthethered" is the new Jailbreak for 3.1.3
  20. tomtom on the iPhone is good not great. Struggles in built up areas ( city ) and will skip a beat here n there due to interference. But overall nice and simple.

    Heres a hint !

    When searching for a new destination and not quite sure of the suburb- type/touch in "SYDNEY" ( or your nearest capital city ) , then type in the street name - scroll down and you should find it or a nearby suburb with that street. Speeds up the process if you are reliant upon it.