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Tollways, etag for trailered bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by plaidler, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. This is probably not worthy of a new thread but i dont start that many so here goes....

    If im towing a bike on a trailer behind a car and both bike and car are registered for e-toll, do both get tagged when passing through tolls?
    Nothing deep and meaningful to see here, just curious.....
  2. Good question!
  3. Wow,who knows. Good question
  4. I would think, as everything is automated, it would pick up the vehicle etag and number recognition the bike and charge for both .
  5. Assume they will if bike is uncovered and toll reader picks up the tag. I would cover it with a cloth/tin foil whatever to block it.
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  6. Just use one of your old tinfoil hats then......
  7. Take the plates off the bike before towing as I don't think the toll reader thingy would pick up that it's being towed.
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  8. cover the plate on the bike to be sure. Bikes as far as I know dont have etags, at least not in vic.
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  9. No etags on bikes in NSW either, but you are supposed to have an account with the provider jsut the same (my car has the tag but the bike is also on the account). I'd cover the plate or take it off as already mentioned.
  10. Bike recognition is done by photo. You'd think they'd notice the photo included a trailer.....
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  11. That's assuming a lot.
    I think in part it would depend on the size of the trailer.
  12. +1 for covering or removing the plate, just to be sure. These tollway people are just as likely to take 2 bites at the cherry, so make it impossible for them to do that.
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  13. Plus there's no one on the bike....
  14. You're assuming a human looks at it.
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