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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aero_nz, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    Im new to Melbourne as well as bikes (from NZ), so tolls are a foreign concept at the best of times. Whilst on the Eastlink, I noticed the toll signs so I looked it up and paid my $2 or what ever it was.

    But what other freeways are tolled? I went on the Monash on Sunday, do I need to pay for that two? Im quite confused...

    The Kiwi hahah
  2. Eastlink is tolled, the toll is half of what it is for a car.

    Citylink is free for motorcycles, for now.........
  3. Thanks, So Eastlink is the only one I need to worry about at the moment?

    F*@#@#k paying to drive on the road, isn't that what taxes, vehicle stamp duty and petrol taxes are for?!!!

    (mind you the roads here are better than in NZ!!! less congestion and better quality roading)

  4. Didn't know they made bikes in New Zealand......kiddin'


  5. dont come to Sydney then :LOL:
  6. What an absolute joke it all is! Instead of your e-tag going "beep beep" when you pass under a toll, it should go "cha-ching" instead :LOL:
  7. i am not sure that eastlink is tolling bikes even though they say they are......i used it a while ago now, and as far as i can tell it hasn't come off the account :? the monash/city IS free for bikes :)
  8. Only this (drool...)
  9. Also, New Zealand E-tags don't go "Beep beep", they go "Baa Baa".
  10. What part of the Monash did you ride? :shock: Cos' nearly all of it that I know of is shit!! :evil:

    Though I agree with your belief that taxes should pay for the road, not tolls.

    Welcome to Oz mate. Enjoy your stay. :grin:
  11. Stewy .. Eastlink tolls us bikes.
    You may be onto something tho .. is your No. Plate fitted on a particular angle or position? Is it polished?
    I do/use something that gets prevents being picked up about 30% of time.
  12. You've never been to other developed countries have you? :LOL:

    If you reckon paying tolls here is bad try the US where you have to STOP every 10 miles or so and pay some poor Mexican or Columbian in to tool booth :roll: Most pay stations have 1 through lane for their tags and about 10 pay booths.

    Most other countries I have been to have a similar system to ours.
  13. they do read bikes. I got sent a late toll notice, so thanks for the reminder(Better do something about that), a month ago. And I used it at christmas. You sort of forget. Think I might put the bike on my city link account and be done with it.
  14. Hello, I am also new to Australia, am from a foreign country, i had my license converted directly hence i am unfamiliar with how the toll work.

    Do they have a specific time or do you get tolled as long as you are using the road?

    Also how do you actually pay for the toll?

    Do bikes have e-tags like what they have on taxi's ?
  15. It depends on the road, some you can use as much as you want for the whole weekend for the one fee, you need to look at http://www.citylink.com.au/ if your in Melbourne.

    Goto the Citylink website or ring the citylink hotline to pay.


    that link will tell you what you need to know about e-atgs and motorcycles
  16. Yep, but Australians are a strangley stupid bunch of people. In this country we have a habit of voting for sociopathic ****s who use our money to pad out their mate's wallets while we scratch our arses and wonder what the taxes were for. I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
  17. Thank you for the information!

    I am based in Melbourne and the information helped heaps! :)