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NSW Tolls Update

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Buckets, May 23, 2005.

  1. This came today in an email from the MCC of NSW.

  2. i'll be there ;)
  3. I was thinking about this the other day.

    Protest ride should be on a sunday.

    a) We'll get a lot more riders
    b) It gets our point across without pissing off Joe Public on his way to/from work.

    Now I just have to get one of the 2 bikes in working condition before the ride...
  4. Gee the Melbourne protest has moved north.............
  5. Well, it didn't do any good here, may as well try it up North :) :) :) :)
  6. cagers are most welcome to hold their own protest :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I hold my own personal 5min protest everytime I go though the eastern distributor.

    1) stop at the tolls.
    2) stop the bike
    3) remove glove
    4) remove helmet
    5) open glove box, and get wallet
    6) fish out money
    7) get change
    8) put wallet back into glove box (dovetail).
    9) clean visor
    10) put helmet back on head
    11) put on gloves, and zip up.
    12) kick start bike
    13) thank the guy
    14) and move on.
  8. nice one.

    If the MCC gethered a heap of riders for a sustained effort each morning and really screwed traffic for a few weeks like this then the goons that think up these stupid tolls might sit up and listen.
  9. I for one support a protest on this matter.

    If a safe, reliable and bike friendly option can't be provided, then tolls should not be charged.

    Even if the tolls aren't removed, the issue needs to be brought to the public's attention in order for any chance of a recognition system to be introduced.

    As the 'Heads up' states, bikers are wiling to pay their share, but not at the expense of their safety or at the risk of the technology not working.

    The issue is valid and if properly represented, you may recieve public sympathy, the most important catalyst for any hope of change.

    I also agree that if riders demonstrate that they don't fit into the system, either at the toll both, or maybe by stopping to pull out their e-tags, then the authorities and the public who suffer will see the issue for themselves.
  10. Imagine a couple of dozen bike riders taking up all the toll lanes and doing this all at the same time in morning and afternoon peak hour.hahaha
  11. Motorists will start fitting bullbars to their cars and treat riders with the same contempt they are being shown.

    Seriously, full toll for bikes is just wrong but half is reasonable considering the majority of cars are only carrying one passenger, just like most bikes, but a bike takes up about half the road space (I calculate it by looking at 2 bikes can occupy one car space and don't run side by side in the lane).

  12. Thats exactly what I ment :evil:
  13. Now this is strange.
    About a week ago I tried to link my motorcycle number plate to my e-tag for my car on one account.

    Basically the call centre person told me that the etag tag is not linked to your car/motorcycle number plate. This makes sense, since you can use your e-tag in different cars etc.

    So TECHNICALLY (not recomended), if you have a valid e-tag account you can ride though the e-tag toll without the e-tag and the dangers of having an e-tag on your bike/pocket etc.

    When you get a letter stating that you have gone though the e-tag lane without an e-tag you just have to tell them your e-tag acoount number.
  14. Being a rider that goes through the tolls everyday, I took the liberty of sending off a very polite email to the RTA yesterday asking them to provide specifics on how they plan on dealing with motorcyclists given the move to the fully electronic tolling system.

    So far all I have received back from them is a computer generated response telling me my email has been forwarded on to the appropriate person. When (if) I get a decent response from them I'll post for all to read...

    In the meantime, I think this protest idea could be a good one. No offense to the Mexicans, but if it goes ahead, I think us Sydneysiders should use the recent debacle in Mexico City as an example of how NOT to organise a protest. If we can learn from the Victorians mistakes, maybe we can put on a good show up here and help their cause as well.

    Well, that's my 2c... 8)
  15. And a decent 2c worth it was... 8)
  16. I called the RTA re: e-tag late last week and was effectively told "tough luck - you gotta use coins or buy a quarterly pass (bridge and tunnel only)" as my bike has not got a weather shield.

    How unrealistic are these people?!

    Anyway, protest for sure. I also like the idea of Sunday ride out - my aim is not to piss off other commuters, rather have my voice heard, along with that of a thousand other riders. A blockade isn't necessary. A demonstration is.

  17. but do the two vehicles have to be registered in the same name :?:
  18. Slightly wrong. (please remember each call centre person you talk to will have a different version of events).

    For RTA operated toll roads, it is linked to your plate. If you're tag fails to set it off (i.e. you're not carrying it), a picture is taken of your plate and automatically checked against the etag lists. You are then automatically debited.

    For non-RTA operated roads (i.e. m4), you get a letter in the mail. You then have to fill out your details and fax it back.

    I've been using a etag for last 6 months, and this is how it works.
  19. Nope, that's wrong. I have an etag for the bike. I checked with them while I was at the RTA (city centre) they said it was fine. I go across the bridge/tunnel every day.

    The trick is don't carry the etag. For bridge/tunnel it automatic debits if you are picked up. (Your spada won't set off the sensors, mine doesn't, so you'll get through for free).

    M4/M5 you get a letter in the mail. You write in your etag details and fax it back.

    Been doing this for 6 months, billed 3 times for M4, 1 for Eastern Distributor.

    The issue is with the CCT you will be charged a $1.60 processing fee, because they can't provide you with a working solution. All the other roads just bill you the normal amount when it doesn't pick up your tag.
  20. Nope, car's in wife's name, bike's in mine.