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Tolls & Maths

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Panthus, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. http://snipurl.com/218to


    I commute from Cronulla to Darling Harbour most days on my little beast. This means I go through Eastern Distributor and Cross City tunnel to make my trip short and simple.

    Here's the maths: From April onwards it's $8.98 one way. I need to earn $111,945.60 to justify the time saved (approximately 10 minutes max. off my trip) by using these tolls.

    Hmm this could justify a pay increase at work. "Boss, it's not me it's the government! Please don't beat me"....or something like that.
  2. That's mental :shock: . Paying nine bucks a day for the privelege of using a road which in theory your taxes should be paying for anyway?

    We don't have tolls in Perth (none that I know of anyway), but regrettably it's probably only a matter of time before the money-grubbing ba$tards figure out how to get them introduced at certain strategic (=$$$ generating) spots :(
  3. $8.98x2x5x48=$4310.10 per year
  4. Time to get a number plate flipper.
  5. Come to Victoria. You pay that much to use our tolls, and it's about to get worse for some suburbs where more tollways are opening.

    To add insult to injury, they actually choke/restrict/block off alternative free access roads to frustrate people into being forced to use the toll ways.

    All this in a state with what's targetted to be a $2.5B budget surplus this year, who keeps on telling us that it couldn't afford to make the road toll free, even though they could've paid for the road twice over with the surplus they have.
  6. Or what some people down here in Victoria do.

    Steal a plate off someone else's bike that's a similar colour/style. Reports of such haven't been that uncommon.

    If stealing isn't your thing, just get a fake plate made up. Easy enough to do apparently, and the whole "honor" system goes out the window.

    That'd seriously start to suck when you start receiving fines for someone else's crimes, and in today's streamlined system, you have no real legal recourse to prove that it wasn't you.

    I guess this is what makes the whole owner onus system invalid. Exactly how can the courts prove that it is your vehicle? Just 'cos the licence plate has the same numbers and letters? What does that actually prove in a world where people are currently installing fake plates?
  7. FREE for a bike, for now at least; fcuking front number plates. #$%#%
  8. Oh. You hadn't heard that Eastlink will be tolled for bikes?


    Mind you, a full length trip is capped at $2.41 for bikes. Not anything like $8.98 in the OP, so yes, Victoria isn't quite as ridiculous.
  9. Im pretty sure sydney is worse
    traffic funnelling/filtering has been going on for a long time here.

    When the lane cove tunnel opened, Connector motorways who owns it had a deal cut with the govt that they could narrow epping road (the road it bypasses) so it would force more people into the tunnel.
    the govt paid $25 million to connector motorways so that they wouldnt start narrowing it until after the election because they didnt want a voter backlash. Oh, they also made it much harder to get on/off the M2 to get on epping rd as well once the tunnel was finished.

    this was totally public and everyone knew about it, but nobody did anything about it. In my opinion its flat out bribery, but theyre allowed to do it (because of contractual obligations with connector)

    Now epping rd is being narrowed, so I completely avoid it when Im in the car and use mowbray rd because the tunnel doesnt help me for when I would go from chatswood to the inner west.
    I dont like to go on it now with the bike either because its always heavily congested, and in a shocking state with metal plates here and there. Maybe whens its finally finished it might be ok for bikes as they can use the bus lanes.
  10. Speaking of which, WTF is up with the M7's drop-down-to-80kph-because-we-can't-be-arsed-fixing-the-metal-plates-we
    -stuck-on-top-of-the-road-and-built-crappy-asphalt-mounds-around "hazardous road condition" signs? At $6.33 a trip each way, I expect the road to be f***ing perfect.
  11. On that site, I cant find any reference to motorbike charges specifically, or weather we will or wont be charged...
  12. What? You weren't able to see "Toll Segment Chart", click on that, and then see "Motorcycle" in the "Select Vehicle" selector and select that?
  13. I paid to get my plate replaced a few months back :roll:
    Haven't heard that it's been used on another bike so I will stick with the story that it is on some kids bedroom wall :)
  14. I'd like to see that math.

    I figure it like ibast does... that's the cost of the tolls, 48weeks/yr, one toll each way, 5 days a week.

    That's still seems pricey though when you consider that that's after tax.
  15. I believe the OP meant that for ten minutes of his time to be worth $9, he'd have to be paid at $111k per annum.
  16. You are 98% right. Your theory is spot on but your gender is slightly off. Ah but how were you suppose to know? I'll let it slide. Full marks to you :)

    It's opportunity cost. Work out how much your boss pays you for 10 minutes of work and compare that to the price of the toll.
  17. No, I looked under "Fee's and Charges" as one would expect thats where you would find... Fee's and Charge's :p

    I'll be either, throwing the leg over, or avoiding that section... although the ringwood bypass said it wont be toll'd, which is all i'll need... OH Wait... no apparently they will charge me $1.11 for going under springvale road :roll:
  18. :?

    $9 cost for 10minute saving is an effective rate of $54 / hr.


    Sorry, you'll have to spell it out.

    If saving 80 hours a year equates to a salary of >$100K, I want that job!

    Anyway, on one point we can certainly agree.... tolls BLOW!
  19. I think he calculated his annual salary, based on a 40-hour week and 52-week year, if he were paid $8.98 for 10 minutes' work.

    8.98*6*8*5*52 = 112,070.4

    Close enough :LOL: