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Tolls in Sydney?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Quick Fang planned for mid feb up Highway 1 to Ballina from Melbourne.

    There are no tolls for bikes in Mlb.

    I Have heard that there are tolls in Sydney. I am travelling straight up Highway 1, and expect to pay tolls at some stage - any ideas of how much I should expect.
    Planning on a bag in my ventura pack, with heaps of change in it - just wanna make sure I don't delay everyone too much!.

    Thanks for any tips.
  2. just carry cash with ya at all times. 1 is not bad west to north on the bridge is free, Just the turn off for the tunnel is paid. Keep cash on ya and u will be fine.
  3. If you are coming up Hwy 1 - then you will come to the Eastern Distributor and I'd say it's worth the $4.50 to by pass around 15 sets of traffic lights and straight into the Harbour Tunnel. That's your only toll heading north (apart from $3.00 on the Harbour Bridge to come back)

    You then rejoin Hwy 1 at Artarmon and are not far form the F3 starting at Wahroonga - peak hour afternoon is worst time for this section.
  4. wouldnt using the western syd orbital be better??

    pacific hwy, Artarmon----->Hornsby =Nightmare if its anywhere near peak hour
  5. No doubt it would be, except OP states "I am travelling straight up Highway 1"
  6. sorry about that :oops:

    i assumed that they made the WSO HWY 1 after it was said by the RTA that it was the main HWY linking nth to south

    oh well thats the RTA for ya.....
  7. Thanks

    Thanks guys
    carrying change doesn't seem like a big deal, until you have to do it! And then find it quickly!

    We have the luxury here of an incompetent government, that couldn't work out how to charge us - so left us alone - for now.

    Got the Ventura bag fitted, and in 2 weeks, will be motoring through.

    Last big trip was around OZ on a dirt bike in the 80's.
    then I packed nothing and just went.

    Now I am all responsible, and actually pack stuff!.

    BTW, I became a netrider member yesterday - figured it was about time!.
    After all, I have gotten value from this forum!, so time to pay up. LOL - and it is so much!
  8. The other problem with the orbital M7 is that it is e-tag only. You have to ring numbers or some other bullshit to use it without a tag. Having said that, if you don't have any business in the centre of the city and don't particularly want to do the tunnel/bridge, the M7 may be the way to go as the run after the bridge/tunnel is very ugly from about 6am to 8pm any day. I know this route well as it is the route I need to take to get to the old road.
  9. You call 13ROAM within 48 hours. For a once off, well worth it IMHO
  10. So how do I get to the M7?

    Is there an earlier turnoff? Or do I cut across inland?

    Will be buying some up to date maps before I go,

    I have no appointments, and plan on leaving Nowra about 8am, so will be hitting Sydney about 915-9:30

    Just want to get thru - and head on out.
  11. It's a continuation of the Hume Hwy just before Livrpool.

    Yupi'd need to come Macquarie Pass before Wollongong or Appin Rd after Wollongong.

    Or if you aren't restrained by time too much, and by pass ALL tolls, you could do the Putty Rd, then up Thunderbolts and see how you are going for time before doing the Oxley Hwy

    Hornet posted a good route to get to the Putty Rd so search will be your friend
  12. Why Not?

    Why not?
    I just might take the alternate route - looks like it will liven things up a bit!.

    This resource (netrider) is really good for people like me who would otherwise take the boring route.
    It allows other suggestions - good suggestions BTW.

    Looks like I will cut across between Kiama and Wollongong and do Macquaries pass road (illawarra hwy) to Moss vale, then up hwy 31/7 to bypass main street sydney.

    Will have a look and search for the putty road info.

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  14. Far be it from me to advise someone not to take Macquarie Pass :LOL: but normally from Wollongong I go straight up the Princes', left at Heathcote Road, then left onto the M5, which will lead you straight to the M7.

    It's probably the fastest way to the M7 from Wollongong, but ..... Macquarie Pass, I happily accept any excuse to head through there myself :LOL:
  15. yep do the room phone ahead as Toecutter said hit the m7 , then onto the m3 , no toll on the m3,
  16. Thanks again for even more options - now I can fall asleep whilst riding, as I have 3 choices - miss one - take 2, miss em all - take the 'hard way'

    it will probably be about 9am when I hit Heathcote rd ( looked it up and found it on the map), so that looks like the way to go.

    Can't wait to get on that road and just ride for 4 days with no interruptions! :grin: :grin: :grin: