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Tolls in Sydney. Newbie questions..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loth, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. So basically they are a pain in the ass and eat through my wallet :( Hence me spending hours of trying to find a way to skip those tolls. I'm new to the Sydney roads so basically don't know the ropes, and I was wondering if some kind souls could help me out. I have been googling some trip planners, and ended up with http://www.nowwhere.com.au/caltex/austlocator/caltextripplanner.aspx being the easiest to use... Any other websites I could check that offer alternative routes?

    I live south of the city, near Kingsford / Kensington (UNSW) / Coogee / Bondi Junction. Just to give you an approximate idea. I have to go to Macquarie University (someone please bomb that uni :shock: ) in North Ryde. Here's what the trip planner suggests :
    Cahill Expressway through to Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Which involves paying a toll. I think the easiest 'free' way is to take Anzac Parade and go over the Sydney Harbour Bridge right? (since there's no toll northbound.)

    Now for the return trip (heading South from North Ryde), and that's where it gets more complicated. The trip planner suggests to go on the Warringwah Freeway.Both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Tunnel involves paying a toll southbound. Any way to skip that?

    I tried to make this post as clear as possible, although re-reading through it it does sound somewhat... messy. Apologies for that!
  2. You can come back to the city taking the epping road and then the detour that takes you to the Sydney Olympic Park and then take Victoria Road or Parramatta Road.

    Use. www.whereis.com.au go to get directions and select avoid tolls.

  3. Wow thanks a lot for that website. Really appreciated! Cheers!
  4. I used to live in Brighton Le sands and had to go every school holyday to MacQuarie Uni, so I know well the way but can't explain it rom th top of my head.

  5. Just have to practice those routes now. Sounds fairly simple :) And thanks again!

    Wonder why they call them 'free'ways.
  6. From Maroubra find your way to the M5 motorway via the airport.
    Get off at the King Georges Rd exit (no tolls).
    Follow that all the way north until it becomes Homebush bay drive.
    Keep going and hop onto Epping Rd, then your there !

    Take Anzac Parade as your starting point . . .

    Anzac Pde ---> Maroubra Rd ---> Bunnerong Rd ---> Wentworth Ave ---> Botany Rd ---> Southern Cross Drv ---> M5 ---> King Georges Rd/Roberts Rd/Centenary Drv/Homebush Bay Drv/Concord Rd/Lane Cove Rd ---> Epping Rd . . . . then your there !

    No tolls and all main roads.
  7. There you have it folks! Direct from the man who used to take the bicycle lane around the tolls on the M2! What a guy! :LOL:

  8. Use to ???
    LOL :rofl:

    Still do !
    $4.50 is a rip-off !I avoid the M2 as much as I can.
  9. I live in the Epping area and I use this route sometimes when travelling to airport.

    Also on your way home, you can try Epping road -- Pittwatter road -- Vitoria road -- city ..... sometimes traffic is heavy at Victoria road but that shall not be a problem for riders.
  10. They don't, they call them 'motor'ways.

    Freeways are non-tolled roads, motorways are tolled. Simple.
  11. Move to Melbourne :p

    No tolls for bikes here :cool:
  12. Ahhhh.... shudduppa ya face! :grin:
  13. I noticed on the M2 yesterday they have raised the toll for "Class 4 trucks" to $5.50 :roll:

    'In accordance with some sort of agreement type thing everybody said was ok a few years ago...'
    Must be because big trucks have higher emissions, take up more space on the road and do more damage to the surface because of their weight.

    Where's the reduction for motorbikes then?
    Why it's right behind that giant crate of cynicism we gave you last year... sucka.
  14. Hmm, pay toll and make the trip in 45- 1 hour depending on traffic


    Skip the tolls and blow time out to atleast 1.5 hours.
  15. just to be technical (and bust ya chops) they're called tollways
    a motor way is a pommy term i believe! :D
  16. I see blokes on bikes simply ride through the etag lane with their hand over their number plate.

  17. There is no way on earth I am physically capable of covering my numberplate with one hand and keeping the other on the throttle. :shock: How do they do it!? I might be able to get a foot around there, but it would take some practice.