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VIC Tolls for level crossings

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adprom, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Tolls weighed to meet level-crossing costs - http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/tolls-weighed-to-meet-levelcrossing-costs-20120911-25p4z.html

    This is possibly the stupidest thing I have heard this year. Charging for a toll road is one thing, but charging for a level crossing which is an inconvenience to motorists is just completely bonkers.

    Just how would areas around level crossing benefit? Lower traffic just maybe, but that is offset by the fact those people are inconvenienced by the tolls on that level crossing that they probably can't avoid.

    Completely ludicrous. Nothing more than revenue raising. Train lines segment regions and you simply can't cross those lines without using a level crossing. So in effect, people are forced through level crossings and usually don't have a choice not to use them.
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  2. You don't need to charge tolls to pay for more level crossings. You just need a way to toll drivers who are too f*&king stupid to notice a train in the only place that trains are ever found :roll:.

    I propose an addition to the licence test whereby all applicants get taken to a zoo where the door to the lion cage is open - and weed out all those stupid enough to walk inside for a look.
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  3. Shouldn't the train be paying the toll?
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  4. That is just bizarre.

    Just one question, you people that live in Victoria, you do so through choice, yes?
  5. Been thinking exactly this for a while now.
    The reason for me, is family. But that will change with time and I'm very interested in any suggestions you might have.
  6. I lived in Victoria from 1970 to 1992. My family (what's left of it) still live in Victoria. My sister in Port Melbourne and my brother in Bendigo.

    Move to NSW, it's not as bad, at the moment. Although, registering a vehicle is more expensive here, the roads are crap and you can't park a bike on the footpath (well legally anyway).

    Our government and police force, right now, have a slightly better sense of humour when it comes to speeding, but they don't like it if you belong to a club.
  7. I'd wager that Melbourne has many more level crossings than other cities as well. Infrastructure better developed in other states
  8. Atleast Victorian riders get some tolls discounted or free. In sydney riders pay the same as everyone else.

    My feeling about tolls is either charge everyone based on km driven on any road or don't charge people a cent. To charge people that live one place and work another that happens to have a toll between them and not charge others is just commpletely unfair.
  9. Not any more :)
  10. And how has that worked out?
    My in-laws in Brisbane are ready to bail out of what they see as a corruptly privatised system. With your perspective, are they wrong?
  11. Why not just charge the railways & just add the cost to the ticket?

    That is a seriously retarded thought.
  12. Seems okay to me so far, though there are a few odd laws that take some getting used to (purely convenience things like not being able to buy booze and groceries at the same time). Can't say I've noticed any significant corruption issues, but then I have just moved from Ballarat (probably one of the most corrupt city councils in the country).

    Of course for me it was really a choice between QLD and WA, and both Perth and Kalgoorlie are simply too isolated for my liking.
  13. What makes you think they're not planning on doing that as well?
  14. A daily ticket has gone from ~$10 2 years ago to ~$12 now. They've already gone up.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. When did governments forget that taxes are raised to pay for both the government and infrastructure projects? It seem that they want to privatise everything, and charge extra for any work they actually do.

    We really need some proper fiscal management in Victoria, which is usually what the Liberals do, but not this time. They are as useless as Labour was. Deceitful as well.
  17. Agree with you on all counts, except one. "Useless" to who?
    Bailleau government may be ineffectual but they are definitely bringing home the bacon for their insider partners. Even more effectively than Brumby (and I never thought I'd say that).

    It's partly our own fault though. When the public insist on voting for the lowest possible taxes, this is what you get instead. Once privatised, these services become unaccountable to anyone.
  18. I wonder if the idea isn't to toll roads where they have improved rail crossings by putting the rail line underground ie. Dorset & Boronia Rds Boronia, and to use tolling as an excuse to make road users pay for more 'separations' like Boronia....
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  19. I think you have it mike. I was of the belief that the push is to separate road and train - either tunnel or overpass. There's been 'a lot' of deaths lately due to dummies walking onto the level crossing when the train is coming - often with headphones in. The government is copping a lot of flack about it, but grade separation is a damn expensive exercise.

    So either taxes go up, or some sort of charge is levied to someone. Take your pick.
  20. Unfortunately. If not for my son living here Id be out of here like a shot.