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Tolls and Parking Tickets

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rnor5928, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. hey all i just purchased my bike last saturday, and ive already clocked up 400kms around the city, but was just wondering about two things.

    1) When you park your bike in a two hour limit where you need a parking ticket, say bondi beach, do you need a ticket? and if so where are you supposed to put it surely a person would just take it off your bike???

    2) when crossing the harbour bridge and or tunnel, you pretty much need e tag, now does anyone know if these work if say the e tag is in your top jacket pocket?? im definitely not going to stick it on my bike, because once again it will get stolen straight away.

    thanks all, answers would be much appreciated, ive been reading over these forums, and there is plenty of top quality information.

  2. 1) Technically yes, take the ticket with out and keep it for a few weeks incase you get a fine you can prove you had a ticket. This is a crap flawed system as you have to keep it on you for ages, etc. I just park and don't pay as its not practical to put a ticket on the bike.

    2) Just get an etag account and it photographs your plates when you go through the etag lane, and figures out that you have an etag and puts the cost on your account.
  3. 1) yeh its just that i was sitting in front of a cafe on friday with my bike out front, and my waiter told me the inspector would book me for not having a ticket....so i moved it, but was just thinking how absurd it would be to have to buy a ticket, and put it on the bike?!?!?!

    2) good idea, ive been thinking bout elaborate plans to do the etag system, but getting photographed each time sounds like a good idea...do you get charged for this though...any penalty???
  4. As far as the tolls go,

    M4 - ride the center line
    M2 (possibly M7), go through it fast (just how fast u need I'm not sure, but it's been working for me, my last toll notice was back in july and i take the M2 almost once a week).

    EDIT: Oh yeh and don't list your bike on your etag, because if u do get caught you'll find that about 50% of them fall through the cracks. I only pay on the second notice and most of the time there never is a second notice.

    cookie99 - that sounds like a good day out, I'll be in that if NSW decide to do it. :p
  5. I found a product called the TollRider in a free magazine a couple of days ago.
    It's a waterproof pouch, and there are 3 sizes for the different types of tags. The pouch has a magnet to stick on your tank, but included is a clamp in case your tank isn't steel.
    $38.50 which is a bit expensice though.
  6. tag in your jacket pocket will work fine.
    mine's permanently in there.
  7. Don't put anything in your pockets. Not nice in a crash.
  8. oh...didn't even think of that...

    it's like the snowboarding adage (x10) don't keep anything in your pockets that's harder than you
  9. can it not fit under your seat?
  10. Not right at all.

    Don't put anything SHARP in your pocket, Euro standards take that into account when they issue their legal standards and there is no danger putting an etag in your pocket.

    They also work under your seat if you are that anal. :)

    One of the most dangerous things you can put in your pocket is a pen or on your wrist a watch.
  11. geez...nothing in the pockets...ive been carrying my keys, wallet, phone, garage buzzer....these forums are freaking me out...i just started riding around a week ago...i have a really slow vintage motorcycle, so havent been doing anything over 70kms, i wear jeans, a leather jacket(without protection), a helmet and hi top sneakers...i was under the impression that the plastic 'armour' would be rather bogus in a crash?!?!

    there seams to be a lot of emphasis on the gear...but what about just good old defensive riding...ive avoided several crashes, and have been riding in the rain and in sydney peak hour...i ride slow and safe, but will be investing in a dainese under armour set up and some gloves, not sure about legs though, i ride to destinations to carry on with my day (cant be wearing reflective armour filled pants) thus i wear jeans will these hold up in a crash?? or just fall apart?
  12. Well this is always an issue. You've gotta find a balance between practicality and safety. I know if I come off I don't want a pair of keys and a mobile phone in my pocket. I also wouldn't want to be wearing sneekers and a pair of shorts, but I've been guilty of doing all the above things from time to time.
    I've started buying some proper gear now one thing at a time - full leather jacket with amour, proper bike boots, proper gloves with knuckle protection etc, but even tho I own this stuff doesn't mean it's practical to be in a full sports riding get up all the time. But if I'm not as geared up as I could be I try to ride with alot more restraint.

    I've never had a crash, but i'm more worried about coming off than ever, I figure my time has to be up some time.

    BTW the armour isn't plastic, it's more of a foam. The idea is that it helps absorbs the impact instead of your bones.

  13. Jeans definately don't hold up in a crash, I had a really low speed slide on the road and instantly put a hole through them...banged up my knee a bit as well.

  14. I called the NSW RTA last week and asked them about how I could pay toll now that I'm on a bike. They said they would send out a pouch for me in which to store my ETAG that attaches to the bike.

    Yesterday in the mail I received the toll rider pouch with a handle bar mounting bracket, and the magnetised pouch. FOR FREE!!!