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VIC Toll road fines: Ballooning debt and clogging courts

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Sheriff's Office figures obtained exclusively by Fairfax Media reveal outstanding toll warrants of almost $687 million for 2014/15, a 15 per cent increase on the previous year and an 80 per cent explosion since 2012.

    The growth in value of outstanding toll warrants outstrips that of all other warrants, including for other traffic offences, and accounts for the bulk of the increase in the value of outstanding warrants.

    Increasingly, toll debt cases are dominating and clogging Victoria's courts. And they are set to grow exponentially as the existing toll roads are widened and the network extended, including through Transurban's proposed Western Distributor.

    Pressure is mounting for reform.

    Read more: The day the toll police came knocking
  2. How about the biggest reform of all....tell the toll operators to fcuk off and turn them into FREEWAYS as they always should have been.
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  3. Here's another reform...

    Pay your fking bills! Or don't drive on it.
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  4. so.. you mean the taxpayer fund the building of the roads outright?
    City link was something like (rough calcs) $1000 per taxpayer.. East West link more like $8000 per taxpayer? still keen? :)

    "Julian had commuted to work through periods in 2013 and 2014 unaware, he says, of the toll rules. And the couple also moved house.
    Toll notices mailed did not reach them for months, by which time Julian had run up 183 infringements - a total of more than $50,000 in tolls, fines and fees."

    unaware they say.. more like DGAFF.. :) and their responsibility to have their rego address current.

    "Georgia says the multitude of fines and the size of her toll debts only compounded more pressing personal problems. "I think I was in denial. Honestly if you've been living your life and someone comes up to you and says, 'You owe us $57,000', it's a ridiculous amount of money. Do they really expect a 24-year-old to be able to handle the stress of such a large debt, let alone be able to pay it?"

    they do expect a 24 year old to have enough integrity to pay the tolls in the first place.. :p
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  5. Just a thought if you go through a toll without an e tag they send you an notice in the mail....(they do in QLD) so this young couple would of received quite a few prior to moving and not changing their address on the cars rego etc... Could it be that they failed to notify of change of address that they were that their fine was increasing!!!

    If I have yo pay every time I use a toll road why should others not have too...
  6. because they have a sob story :)

    there was a fire.. a terrorist attack... aliens came down and took their credit card.. they'd never heard of a "toll" or a "road" before... basically IT WASN'T THEIR FAULT!!! :)
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  7. what surprises me most.. is that in Victoria and South Australia, people just don't seem to give a fark about fines or tolls or rego (ie so many stolen plates)..

    does it stem from there being no yearly inspection for vehicles? ie too easy to renew rego?
    or people just don't care if they have licence or rego?
    or the concept of paying tolls is too complex for Mexicans? :p

    in NSW, if you leave fines unpaid long enough, they'll cancel your licence and rego after a while.. doesn't that happen in VIC/SA??
  8. Sure am. There's no reason why the government shouldn't be able to do it for the same cost as a private firm, and make at least the same amount back off it (if not more with no tax issues) until it's paid off. The Westgate worked in a smilar way.

    I'm a firm believer that essential infrastructure should remain in the governments hands, and if the government isn't as good as running it as the private sector, then the government needs to reevaluate some of it's members, staff or politicians.

    Although that hasn't happened, and not just roads. Power, Gas, Telecommunications, etc. I can't help but wonder how much revenue now goes overseas due to privatization instead of back into Australia, and whether the continuing reduction of different revenue streams for the government is a contributing factor to the BS minor traffic infringements and lust for more speed camera's as it becomes one of the fewer ways of the Government being able to draw in another income stream.

    However I agree with you that this is no excuse for people not paying their bills.
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  9. so.. government build it and put a toll on it is ok? but then they'd have to actually use their AAA ratings to borrow money... putting their AAA ratings at risk,.,

    because having a AAA rating to borrow money is more important than actually borrowing money..
    like a Michelin 3 hat restaurant that doesn't actually serve any food, for fear of losing their rating...

    well, the LNP believe that by selling our income generating assets, they can plough the capital into a new project and build more infrastructure..
    which is fine in theory, but like speeding fines going toward road safety... privatisation "windfalls" never seem to make it to new infrastructure :p

    I'm still miffed they privatised Lotto...
  10. So why is the cost so high ?
    because of all the privatized profiteering, union backhanders, useless edifices like sculptures, fake hotels, toll gantries and associated equipment etc etc...
    Let me at the cost analysis with the red pencil for 1/2 a day and we'll see what the true cost is.
    But then I could wipe the gov debt in half overnight as well by weeding out the do gooder, feel good, arty farty BS and concentrating on the core essentials.
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  11. The cost per head would be lowered if there wasn't any incentive to do additional roadwork to make using the tollways more appealing such as removing lanes from the alternative routes .
  12. Ah, but infrastructure doesn't win elections, advertising about the benefits of the infrastructure does.
    In theory.
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