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Toll notice from ex owner

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Okay let me put on my ranting hat...

    So last night i get handed a bit of mail and it ends up being a toll notice for my bike (which i haven't taken through a toll road since i received ownership) and the date is the day that i bought it but quite a number of hours prior to the sale.

    I'm inclined to think he did this on purpose as when I bought the bike, he had taken it for a ride and left me with piss all fuel due to me the idiot trying to get him to knock off a couple of hundred off the price before the sale went through.... Admittedly I felt bad about trying to drop the price after I'd say yes I would pay his grossly inflated price but I did apologize and still went through with the original plan.

    I could understand the fuel (and probably thrash) thing on the day of the sale but seriously why the hell would someone feel the need to be so bloody vindictive over this and (forget their tag) on the day they were selling the bloody thing.

    He knew i was a student and struggling to come up with the money yet I still ended up paying him in full.

    Anyway, i'm going to pay the bloody thing, i can prove it wasn't me riding but for 8 bucks i don't really care. I got a good bike out of the transaction for a half descent price, I'm just dissapointed in myself for not reading the guy properly and thinking he was a fairly honest character.

    Live and learn i suppose...

    Rant complete :grin:

    Now for all your critical internet opinions! (where'd i put that umbrella)
  2. statutory declaration
  3. Tough break.

    I sold some stuff recently and it $#it me no end to have some agree on the price only to start bargaining at the time of pick up. I didn't do anything vindictive though but was still annoyed with those 'games'.
  4. +1 done this every time I have bought/sold a vehicle
  5. In all states there are ways to dispute speeding fines if you weren’t the driver (eg sold the vehicle)

    So I would persume there is the same course of action for a toll way fine.

    VIC roads has the details of the seller on the form you completed to change ownership - which would be your first point of reference.

    Then the stat dec.

    Good luck.
  6. I wrote the date and time on the transfer papers and got him to sign them.

    He was pretty pissed about the price he agreed to sell it for and I got the bike on empty and filthy and he threw in a whinge about how much he managed to sell his old 250 for. tosser.
  7. i have a habit of writing my own receipt and on it states that the vehicle (number plate) is free of fines etc.. they sign that and you are covered.. didnt stop the guy who i got the er6 off putting 800kms on it in 4 days.
    yeah stat dec the thing
  8. Yep, always get the previous owner to sign a piece of paper stating the date and time of pickup, keeps you out of the crap so to speak.

    Whilst its not very nice he did this too you... However, only once someone did the exact same thing to me when I was selling an item.

    Agreed on a price, when he came to pick it up, he wanted it cheaper... I just simply told him where the gate was and shut the garage... He ended up paying me $100 more for stuffing me around. :p
  9. I went there on the saturday and kept trying to push but he wouldn't budge so agreed then. Fast forward to the tuesday I sent him a long email explaining my position and why I was asking for it lower. I was very polite and as soon as I received his email back I said thats fine, I apologize, i know i was in the wrong and we continued as was planned.

    I know i did the wrong thing and apologized for it.

    No idea what this is, I'm young and dumb :grin:

    Scratch that I know now what it is! :grin:

    Let me just state again, I don't care to pay the 8 bucks for the toll. I can prove it wasn't me riding but I don't see the point in continuing this pettiness. I've made my mistakes, no point in blowing it up methinks.
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  11. and if you live in the northern part of sydney my mothers a JP and can sign it for you.
  12. I wouldnt pay it... and go to the effort of making sure it got back to the owner.

    Its the principle.
  13. So in his case would his behaviour be based on principle too?

    I feel like i'd be quite petty to send it back his way even though it was him riding it.
  14. i would just pay it. at the end of the day you said you are happy with the bike you got and resonably happy with the price paid. the guy you are dealing with sounds like a bit of a d*ck even if you did try regenogiate the price.
    just pay it forget about it and hopefully never see the guy again and enjoy the bike.
  15. So you know where he lives :twisted:

    But hey, it's $8 (was that just one toll?? If you have an eTag account can't you get it added to your own and not pay admin fees)

    Am also a JP if ya wanna ride down the beaches and be happy to sign
  16. In SA, the registration has a date and time field for both parties to sign. It's a pity that it doesn't appear to work the same in this case.

    $8 is better than the expense of a statutory declaration, but what if you also receive a speeding fine next week?
  17. Impostor! There's only one JP around here :p
    Make sure he gets his fine, I wouldn't pay a cent.
  18. I wouldnt pay it, just let it go, if they spend the money taking you to court over $8, and then you come up with your evidence they end up paying for all costs involved. Did you put the rego in your name the same day or sometime later?
  19. Doesn't work like that.
    They are in bed with the RTA/VicRoads and will threaten you until you get a license suspension, unless:

    1) They get paid.
    2) The notice is reviewed and found to be falsely issued.
    3) It is transferred to another party by statutory declaration.

    They will get their pound of flesh. They are the tax office of road use. Horrible f***ing bastards.
  20. Ring up the Toll Free number :))) on the bottom of the toll notice... they will probably accept that you are willing to pay the toll and waive the processing fee...

    Get yourself an RTA eTag and record you plate against it, never worry about tolls again...