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Toll gate myth

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zulu, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. As was recently narrated to me, there is a story, myth even, in the biking circles, that if, while going through the toll gates, you stay close enough (dangerously close in fact) to the vehicle in front, the camera will not catch you. I was wandering how true it was. Anyone heard?

  2. I believe this is a load of poopies.

    Especially coz the number plate of a bike is only on the back (for the time being :LOL: ) so the front car wouldn't obscure the only method of tolling you.

    Whether it registers you and the car in front as one vehicle, I don't know, but I would think they are more sophisticated than that.
  3. I've tried it and it doesn't seem to work. At least not at the distance I'm brave enough to ride near the back of a car.

    Note: the m5 doesn't register motorcycles though their tolls
  4. on the M4, riding on the rumble strip in between the two e-toll lanes appears to get you through without copping the fee.

    ...well at least its been several months and no letters in the mail regarding my toll avoiding habbit.

    I just avoid being right on the corner of the car in front, in case you get snapped in the same frame as their car and they start paying more attention to bikes.

    Not sure what M2 and M7 riders do as i don't ride those roads.
  5. +1 Morbo28
  6. Perhaps you need to throw the bike on its side as you go through; doing a complete spin on the ground (so you never get the license plate pointing at the camera) and then kicking it back up on the wheels when you complete the circle.

    Sheesh - whatever next?
  7. I believe they have no fixed it so you can't ride on the edge..

    As for tailing someone through, they have to have an etag obviously, so get behind a taxi. You have to be REALLY close as in 1metre otherwise it'll pick you up too.

    Toll evasion is bad mmkay.
  8. :idea: If you have a large enough rain-cover for your tailbag .. stretch it over your rear plate :LOL:
  9. i tried it with a bus over the bridge, didnt work for me, still had to pay for it.
  10. For a while there there seemed to be no payment for bikes, but they seemed to have fixed it. However, I've been trying riding close to the wall and it seems to work ... I haven't received a notice for a while.
  11. neither have I. I thought it would "think" that you're a trailer. Or something. If you're really close.

    Or may be they finally came to their senses and stopped charging tolls to motorcycles? Like in Vic.
  13. you've not noticed that the cameras point forward? (ie take picture of the back of your vehicle)

    This alone makes the myth bogus among multiple toll roads in nsw
  14. I aggree with you, i ride down the center strip on the M4 for the last 2 years and never got a letter.

    Not sure about the M2 or 7 either as a dont take them on the bike, but i've a few ideas that i'd like to try. :LOL:
  15. "...while going through the toll gates, you stay close enough (dangerously close in fact) to the vehicle in front, the camera will not catch you..."

    As with what Bonox said, most camera's pic on the rear of the vehicle, so infact if you did stay close enough to the car in front you would be paying their toll in stead :?:

    how often would you need to use a Toll road, I use to have to go M5 a few times a year to get to StPeters for the BMW service, after 2 tries in the stupid carpark conditions I got there quicker and with less traffic using the normal (by-ways) route...

    But, on the contrary, I've since enjoyed getting stung bigtime on the M7 (but I now have a tag account), it's far easier to use M7 to escape west or north on a weekend run than with the little roads... :grin:
  16. Yes, if the car in front doesn't have an etag / it doesn't pick up as they go through. Thats why I always go behind a taxi ;)
  17. Yes it works (in at least some cases), yes you will eventually rear-end the helper vehicle. But you're a big boy so do what ya like. :)
  18. Are you suurre? :?
  19. Or you can ride in WA were all roads are free :p
  20. Well, there is always the M5 rebate for NSW citizens... :)