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Toll booth

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by demuire, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. This is probably a really silly question, but I rode down the freeway today and went through a toll booth... What's the best way to do the toll booth thing? Where do you put your coins?

    Neutral on my bike tends to be quite hard to find, and I'm not overly great at doing stuff with my gloves on. Anyway, I've got a Dririder Drimesh jacket and I tried to put some change in the pocket on the left cuff, but found that I couldn't find it again, so I put some change in the pocket on my tankbag, but even then it was kinda hard to find the change one handed with the glove on...

    Any tips?
  2. ride around the boom gate .

    or if you have to par a smal puch velcro elastic strap with coin in it on the handle bars.
  3. Stop,. Kill motor, put bike on side stand.
    Remove gloves and helmet.
    Fish around in pockets for loose change, count same carefully.

    Pay toll, ask for receipt.

    Replace helmet,
    replace gloves,
    remove gloves and fish around in pocket for ignition key, notice key still in lock, replace gloves, get on bike, raise sidestand, start motor, engage first gear, ride off.

    As long as they insist on charging tolls for motorcycles, make it obvious how silly it is.
  4. Put the correct toll into an empty 35mm film canister (remember them?), then blu-tack it somewhere easy to reach (top of the tank?).

    Pull up, rip the top off, toss the coins in, replace the top and you're away.
  5. Hmm, pouch or 35mm film canister (yes I remember them - where on earth would I get one of those? Maybe the photo shop will give me one...), good idea! I suppose killing the engine so I can use both hands wouldn't be such a bad idea, it's not hard to start again after all.

    And yes, I was at the toll for a little bit trying to fish coins out of my tank bag, I'm sure the people waiting behind me weren't overly impressed...
  6. I wish they'd make available one of those E-toll things for bikes. I think a little while ago they had an E-tag thing here in Queensland, but they no longer do. It would make life so much simpler...
  7. Move to Melbourne (but be quick about it, the toll-free status of motorbikes might not last much longer.)
  8. I prefer our toll roads over here in Perth.

    You pay your rego.....you ride/drive on the roads.

    :D :D :D
  9. Before I got an etag, what I use to do was stick the coins in between the velcro on my gloves. There was enough space for 2 coins there.

    Pull up to auto booth, unvelcro, it drops in, velcro up, off again.

    Just means you have to plan before you ride though.
  10. Moike's right. Take your sweet time about it. Damn stupid idea tolling bikes anyway, so let 'em suffer.
  11. Kaer: Great idea! I think I'll try that on Friday when I go through the toll again...
  12. I removed my "dash" and cable-tied an e-tag near the front light.

    It's not visible, mostly weather proof and works 95% of the time. If it doesn't go off I don't care cause half the time I never get a notice and if I do then I fill my e-tag details and send it back.

  13. Qld no e-tag :(
  14. Up to month number 3 now without carrying my E-Tag.....

    Cross the Bridge everyday.....in the Bus-Lane .......

    no hassles yet.... :)

    Certainly quicker than waiting in line with the cages !

  15. Just stick a big wad of blue tac on your bars and whack coins in it.

    And as mentioned, take your time paying.
  16. I love moike's suggestion. Twould be the most fun but not always practical due to time constraints.
    I run a camera store in Tassie and yes we still do get *heaps* of 35mm film cannisters coming in. we collect them and donate to campers, fisherpeople, makeup salespersons and generally anyone who asks for them.
    It is so much better to recycle than dispose and what a great idea for them here. Hadn't heard that one before.
  17. Like most things each to their own. I also take the stand of the system is broken so they can bloody well wait. Come to a stop, select neutral(or kill engine), remove glove/s, undo jacket, fish out wallet, pay attendant requiring change and then all in reverse. The only thing I will do out of courtesy is to do all this in the extreme left lane rather than a faster lane to the middle or right. This seems to be the lane for slow toll users as half the time I do this, the person in front of me starts asking questions for 5 minutes that they could have found out on the website if they weren't lazy.
  18. Are e-tags waterproof? I have never used one (and probably never will) but I am just curious as the new tollway in Sydney is e-tag only

    Moike I love your thinking!
  19. As moike said, the most important think is that you take as long as possible. I recommend carrying the change in a wallet (fitted with a fiddly latch) placed in the pocket of an inner layer of clothing. Why keep your change in your jacket pocket when you have a nice secure shirt pocket.

    As you go to pay, be sure to drop some of the coins and have to pick them up again. They'll really appreciate it. :D
  20. No they are not waterproof.

    They tell you to use silicon sealant to seal it up when you get it.

    CCT has been e-tag online since it opened (and hence the first tolls protest, number 2 is coming up soon )