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Toil and Trouble

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Been a very intersting year so far, and I have hardly been on here posting - reading lots of stuff though :). Lately things have been a challenge. I am really hating the CB atm, and the latest thing to go wrong with it is the Master Cylinder failing...That pretty much said to me it is time to get another bike.

    So I am. I went to the Kawasaki Dealer today, and was lookin around the yard, when one of the sales reps came up and mentioned that an '06 model Hyosung GT650R had just rolled in. It only has 6600k's on the clock, and it's a stunner. Yes Loz I HAVE been reading all the posts on here about the hyosung bikes, and yeah it has swayed me a bit into getting a Jap bike instead.

    I still may consider this too before the finance for the GT gets approved, but I took it for a ride and it felt good...not as good as my old CB900 (maybe that's a warning) but it was still fun. V-Twins are very different compared to an inline 4, so the low-down power & chunkiness of a V-Twin compared to the smoothness and high-end power of the inline 4s is hard to compare.

    It's either this, or ride around on a bike with only a rear brake for a month until my boss gets his R32 GTR for me to buy...I keep thinking about it, and the more I do the more I want a bike, but I really want to be different, yet there's that many negitive comments about them screwing up all the time...I should really go back to the dealer with all the knowledge I've gained by spending about 4 hours on the net tonight reading up about Hyosungs and give that to them. If I choose not to get the GT, I want a new or near new Ninja 600/636. They are SEX!!! especially the orange ones.
  2. My hyosung

    Hi i have a hyosung gt250r and i to was like urself a little bit put off about buying a hyosung but when i saw it at the bike shop compared to the other 250s there was no choice for me it was the hyosung. I bit the bullet and brought one with the bad reviews in my mind still but when i started to ride it they all went away.

    I have only done 9500kms since last november and brought mine new when i first got it the only problems i had were a screw popped out of the number plate and the chain gaurd. Also the padding around the gauage had to get more put in to stop it rattling.

    I have had no problems with mine havent had to take it back to the bike shop to get fixed. Only thing it had to go back for were its 2 services and a flat tire. It still starts first time everytime i had to choke it a little in winter but havent had to in summer. It goes just as well in 33 degree weather as 10 degree weather goes great in rain.

    It is up to personal choice but i just thought i would let you know with all the bad reviews about them i would give you mine.
  3. Thanks mate :) You've helped steer me towards getting one more :LOL: funny how easily I get...oh whats the word...influenced, that's it. I am not a hoon, and the pounding feeling of a V-Twin is awesome.

    I had that rattling sound when I rode it today. might see if it is the LCD panel on the one I rode...I tried hanging on to the screen and the fairing, but it wasn't either one of them.
  4. When it stuffs up and it will im sure there will be someone saying I TOLD YA :shock:
  5. As i said

    As i said it is personal choice i am only putting my personal experience with my bike. No matter what brand of bike or what type there are going to be lemons and problems for some people and not others.
  6. Yeah I know that too well Z900 :(...I guess I am just trying to branch out and give something different a go for once. I was told by someone who owned a Hyosung not to get one, because the guys engine had blown twice, but then, you gotta wonder how he was treating it now aye :?:

    Other V-Twins I would like to own would have to be The HONDA VTR1000SP2 - this thing is so sexy, has two radiators in it and the phatest looking bike on the road, it would pound so hard too :D.

    SV1000S, but I would be getting a custom fairing made, even though the engine IS the same as the Hyosung GT bikes!!! inline fours are damn smooth yes, but even my bike was rough with the stock pipes on it. it really only started to breath and get going when I put my other sports system on it, so what's to say that the Hyosung won't open up a fair bit when I get the sports tip for it...guess it's a case of wait and see.
  7. Hyosung or 636? No thought needed for that decision. I know which way I'd be going...
  8. Would saying I want to cancel the finance application for any reason, put a mark next to my name on my credit rating?
  9. Does the finance app require that you specify the bike model? Or is it through the dealer? The latter has its own issues and problems and I'd encourage you to rethink (i.e. try for bank finance or contact that guy... who everyone on here tends to recommend). Others will have more experience in what it will do to your credit history.
  10. Guess the other thing is, if you want a v-twin I'd go the SV over the Hyosung. But if your decision is as you've said, I'm not 100% sure *what8 you're after... ;)
  11. Go get yourself a VTR1000 or something, but as far as I am concerned Hyosung looks great on the outside and runs alright but when you get down to the nuts and bolts, Honda's, Kawasaki's, Yamaha's even Ducatti are proven brands with great support.

    Its nice to hear that someone is happy with their Hyusong for a change, but for every happy story I read about them I read 10 others saying they wish they would have just paid a little extra and got the Jap bike.
  12. Just had another go at fixing my bike up, and I have. I took the master cylinder apart and cleaned it up, lubed it up with brake fluid and put it back together, then got the bleed kit and proceeded to bleed the system again, and within 15 minutes I have feeling in the front end. Another few tweaks and it's pretty much like it was before, so I WILL be cancelling my app now that I know it still works. Wankers probably told me that just to get me to buy...Sick of getting so easily pushed around.
  13. Well here's the latest. I rang Kawasaki, and mentioned to them that I do not wish to continue with the application, and then faxed off the letter stating all of this to make it official...boy they've gotta be pissed off!!!

    Don't think I'll be going there again, ever probably...so much easier going private when buying a bike I reckon, as there's so many better examples out there in the private sector.