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Toe Warmers

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Wheres me Boike, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. I bought 10 of these at Chemist Warehouse just before the Icicle Ride because I get cold feet (no, I've never left a girl hanging at the Alter) while riding. I've used all of them up now so here's the verdict.
    Are they as good as I expected?... NO
    Did they make my feet hot?....NO
    Did they make my feet warm?...NO
    Did they make any difference... YES
    They took that cold damp feeling out of my feet and made cold weather riding much nicer.
    They only cost me $20. ($1.95 each)
    Much less than a full Gerbing setup with the batteries and all the wires.
    I wish they were a degree or two warmer.

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  2. They would be great for my nuts at perisher
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  3. that size doesn't have much volume (heat capacity), but are small to fit in shoes...
    bigger ones get hotter, last longer.. $2 each is a rort :p
  4. You're not allowed to cut them down.

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  5. just need to scrape your toes around corners more. friction makes heat
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  6. I so misread this title.
  7. Aww, the balls joke was already made. :(
  8. I've seen hand warmers of the same brand. Was considering trying them out but never actually got to do that. Do you have any idea if those ones might be any good?
  9. No, haven't tried the Hand warmers.
    wot thewot the used Toe warmers on a Netride earlier this year, and I would like to know where he got them, and how hot they get? wot thewot the ?
  10. I just buy the hand warmers for $1 from the asian stores for my pillion.
    Put them in the shoes, gloves, helmet cheeks and taped them around the neck.
    Doesn't compare to proper heated handle bars though.

    If water or cold air is getting into your boots try putting a plastic shopping bag over your socks and into the shoes as a second layer, then tape it up above the boot. Acts as cheap last resort wind/water break when the sky gods open up.
  11. So cruel
  12. I've never been cold at Perisher, too busy trying to keep cool while skiing. Only ever got cold once, that was at Thredbo, stuck on a chair lift during a blizzard.
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  13. I was stuck on one at falls one year where the balaclava was freezing to my face . .