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Toddlers hurt in footpath motorbike incident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. http://abc.com.au/news/stories/2009/08/28/2669833.htm
    Toddlers hit by motorcycle

    Two toddlers were among four people injured when a motorcycle crashed into a group of mothers and children in Craigieburn in Melbourne's north.
    Police say the group was walking along the footpath when a motorcycle travelling along Woodley Crescent lost control and ploughed into them.
    A woman and three children have all been taken to hospital and police are questioning the motorcycle rider.
    Paramedic, Stephen Hollowood says a three-year-old girl was the most seriously injured.
    "She had a head injury, a laceration to the side of her head and it would appear she had a fractured arm.
    "So obviously she was in quite a bit of pain when we arrived, and we've been able to manage that pain for her and splint her in case of spinal injuries and bring her down here to the Royal Children's Hospital," he said.
    Charges laid
    Late this afternoon police charged a 19-year-old man over the collision.
    He has been charged with recklessly causing serious injury and failing to stop after an accident.
    The man will face Broadmeadows Magistrates Court in December.

    Then people wonder why we are given a bad name.
    The mra should be publically castigating this moron as irresponsible and a fcukwit.

  2. If some 20,000 riders at Christmas time can't change the public's perception of riders, the MRAV doesn't stand a chance by offering a press release calling this person a tool :roll:
  3. How long before some boffin utters the matra "speed was a factor in the accident?

    but, yeah, the human body has little chance when hit by moving metal.....
  4. i must admit the best balance in reporting has been through ABC radio. The age he was a biker, somewhere else i read he was a hoon biker.
  5. Bad news. Worst possible scenario, bike in the wrong, child injured. Of course, had it been a car, the reporting wouldn't have been so frenetic, I'm sure.

    Having said that, if the guy on the bike was being stupid, he deserves all the criticism he cops.
  6. Smee, I don't understand why should the behaviors of an individual affect the whole riders reputation. Stupid people do stupid things no matter where they are be on a bike, in a car or on foot.
    IMHO, the fact that the public doesn't favor riders is something that should have different reasons (unknown to me)
    Maybe people normally tend to blame everything on the minority groups :?:

    Just my 0.02
  7. Alex if you don't understand why society in general sees us the way they do then there is no hope for motorcyclists in general.
    We are categorised and marginalised as it is and idiots like the one on the footpath who ran over toddlers does nothing towards the image of motrcycling and will result in over reaction by governments.
  8. If it had been a car, those youngsters would probably be dead. That's something the media WON'T be reporting!

    +1 Smee. Humans are irrational and are willing to use a surprisingly low sample set as representative of an entire group or category of individuals.
  9. it's only on the ABC news, thankfully the other sensationalist media haven't run their SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN shit on it.
  10. I fully expect to have to answer the questions of the people who see me as being in the same category as this f*ckwit simply because I choose to wear a helmet.

    They will have as little information about the incident as I do, but that will highly unlikely stop them from casting their dispersions.

    The only answer I can come up with for incidents like these is, not everybody who owns a motorcycle can ride a motorcycle, the same as not everybody who owns a car can drive a car.

    But I expect a backlash just the same. Both from the public and the media.

    On another note, my heart goes out to the family and their little ones. So fragile, so delicate, such a shame. :cry:
  11. articles are on the age etc.

  12. errrr, go easy smee.

    How do you know that it wasn't a case of "oh shit, I got this wrong"??

    Did he ride like a moron and ploughed into the kids or did he just "lose it" due to inexperience?

    What's that? you don't know?

    oh, I get it, you're speculating :grin:

    Yes, I read that he didn't stop, panicked people do weird things.

    I'm not defending the rider as I know nothing about the chain of events that led to the crash, nor am I blaming him.
  13. I also saw the news on tv
    They reported him as riding a trailie on a footpath when he hit the kiddies.
    He's still a fcukin idiot in my books whether he fcuked up or not.
    If he had run over my kid on the footpath he wouldn't be alive right now I can tell you that.
  14. grrRRR
  15. I would not be at all surprised if he turns out to be unlicensed riding a motocross bike.

    Craigieburn, although it's rapidly becoming a part of greater suburbia, still has a "country" feel about it much like Sunbury does. This means that much like Sunbury, there are people who think it's OK to shred down the main street on a MX bike on the back wheel, better still in a group.

    I'm with Smee here. If he fits into that category then he deserves everything he gets.
  16. Until I see video footage and hear both sides of the story then I'm not going to lay blame. Certainly not going to take newspaper reports as fact.

    For all I know he could have been riding along and doing all the right things. A cager could have pulled out in front of him and forced him off the road.

    Very sad to see young kids hurt, yeah I'd be pissed too if they were mine. But lets just remember that kids as well as adults are represented in the road trauma figures, bike car or pedestrian. The only reason this gets air time is because it is rare to see a bike cause a pedestrian injury.
  17. To me the "failure to stop charge" gives me a sense of the calibre of this person.
  18. did he not stop?

    im not defending the guy but you never know. there couldve been something on the road (oil/gravel), or a cat ran out or something.

    jumping to conclusions is just getting old
  19. I know, but it has given me a great idea for a board game.... Bless Office Space.

    A link so the kids at home can play along
  20. I love that movie.

    mustve seen it half a dozen times. Its like watching my dreams come true on film