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Today's sesh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ZXRpilot, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Got taken for a pillion ride today with a good freind of mine, it was good fun...Thought the pics were worth sharing, there taken off a video cam. Some good pics will be taken tomorrow off a proper camera if anyones interested.

  2. Some more pics of my mate, solo.
    seat stander
  3. How come the bike has road tyres in some of the photo's & knobbys in others? Just curious.
  4. I see knobbys in every shot.

    Perhaps it's the same bike that was in MI-2 :LOL:
  5. Check the seat stander to the highchair photo -not just the thumbnail. And now that I'm all sidetracked I forgot my origional question -what tyres are they in the seat stander? Is it still running the 21inch front?
  6. Well spotted some are old picks when the knobbys were still knobbys.
  7. Actually there all new pics, theres only knobbies on the side of the tyre might make it look like the whole tyre is.
    Yer there stock tyres so would be 21 inch on the front.
  8. Farkin 'ell.


    Ten points, that's mental. Absolutely mental.

    (Bows down) - Hey, can you post the videos?
  9. Yeh i would get on the back with that guy :shock: NOT. Oh i forgot i dont biatch for nobody :grin:
  10. Hey mate, dont have the vids, my mate just sent me the pics over msn and hes on a slow internet connection, so Ill have to get them off him next time I'm out there.
    Here the pics from today, things werent goin all that well, this pic is ok, the guard isnt scraping tho.
  11. Ahaaa. That explains it :grin: I was hoping he had found a source for 21 inch street/sport tyres. I reckon my KTM 625 would hustle along quite nicely without converting to 17 inch wheels if I could get the right tyres considering how quick it is on DOT knobbies :wink: