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Todays ride..... first filter.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rabbit, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Went for a cruise today and as I was coming home on Stud rd, the traffic was banked way back over the hills. I thought about splitting/filtering but I've previously avoided it for safety reasons.

    However after 2 mins of stop start on the side of the hill, my ride partner's bike was getting too hot, so he took off into the traffic. I opted to follow as the hill starts and stops were getting really annoying. I found it quite hairy going through the middle of the traffic, but there was actually a lot more room between cars than I had realised. I stuck it in first and kept the revs up to make me a bit louder, and a few cars moved over. The odd one blocked the gaps :roll:

    Made it over the top of the last hill before the lights, only to see a booze bus setting up, which was causing the traffic blockage. I've previously seen issues with the booze bus being setup there, as cars come flying over the hill at 80km/h only to dive on the brakes as they see the booze bus.

    Also had a brown pants moment earlier in the ride when a traffic light in an 80k zone changed to red, with not enough time on orange. Had to dive on the brakes and ended up stopped in 4th gear right on the fat intersection line. The lights were red for about 1 second, then went green. I managed to get down one gear, but no more, so ended up starting in 3rd. Nice to know its possible :grin:

    Also saw 2 learners wearing tracky daks, sneakers and NO GLOVES !!! They were also doing at least 80k in the 60k roadworks zones... <sigh>
  2. Ah the rich tapestry of learning the craft; there's more room once you're between the cars than looks when you're behind, bike engines are pretty flexible as long as you can give them a fistful of revs and slip the clutch a bit, and there is no antidote for squidiocy :LOL:.
  3. Yeah just wait till they come off!!!
  4. Some it takes that for people to learn their lesson...
  5. Chill, I'm sure they're kevlar tracky dacks.
  6. Well done Rabbit.

    That gap between the cars is the bike lane!

    phizog... then they're going to get kevlar burns, which REAAALLLYY suck!! lol
  7. Do kevlar tracky dacks make the same swooshing noise when you walk as da full sik 100% polyester genuine "Nike" ones you buy from your cousin's best mate at the markets ?
  8. yeah u just gotta balls up and go for it
  9. When you first approach the gap between the cars, it can feel quite constricting, but then, once you are in the slot and moving past the cars, it turns out not to be all that bad, alot of the time. :)

    Well done for giving it a go, Rabbit.

    Tips:...As you are filtering, avoid looking at anyone particular thing...keep the cages either side, in your periferal vision. If you get a bit off balance, simple stop, gather composure, and move off again, remembering to use your rear brake for low speed control. It'll help keep you balanced, just as during slow speed car park, and U-turn work. :)
  10. I still got to do my first filter...once i get my bike up and running.

    It does seem constricting though...would be really bad if you are really claustophobic though.

    phong =P~
  11. +1

    And approach ANY gap in the line of cars with caution... and keep the brakes covered...
  12. Nice to hear your riding as you should be. I find the fun bits are on punt road when you need to go real slow and then tilt around mirrors to get through tight gaps :cool:

    About 10% of people move for you, another 10% try to squish you in an the rest just dont do anything.

    Had a very close moment the other day when some prick tried to squeeze me in(after i was next to him). Had to put a hand on the side of his car to push away, then tilt the bike back to not hit the other car, otherwise he would have had a nice scratch from my mirror. I gave him a friendly wave as i passed his front door :grin:
  13. Yeah, usually if it looks a bit tight dont try it, i had a moment the other day when i was in a bit of a hurry so i filtered knowing that it was gunna be a tight one with a work ute with them big mirrors sticking out the side and just as i went past i clipped his mirror with mine :? oops
  14. Thought I'd post here since I remember seeing this thread and posted in it and didn't want to start a new thread on filtering :D.

    I did my first filtering today...on the freeway of all places...but traffic was flowing at about 20km/hr (was stuck behind cars for a while before I just got sick of it). At first it was a bit freakish since I am claustrophobic and having 2 trucks on both lanes kind of deterred me until there was a gap to weave between them. Though happy filtering ended in a bit of a drama which stopped me from filtering.

    This is what happened. Managed to get passed several cars and some trucks on the Ring Rd during afternoon traffic jam. Decided to merge into the right lane when I saw a big enough gap because I was pretty happy doing it that far for the first time. A dickhead driver who was in a hurry and probably was a bit jealous I got ahead, knew I was going to get into his lane because I was indicating into his lane. He decides to accelerate (I'm already doing 50 - 60) up my arse honking and waving his arms about, no doubt yelling profanities and what not. I moved over to the left part of the right lane to have a scout to see if I can filter again cause this maniac driver was kind of intimidating. I was next to a truck who was struggling up the hill and as soon as the driver noticed I was moving to the left, he decides to use the right emergency lane to get next to me and tried to squeeze me out of "his" lane. He was probably trying to squeeze me between the truck, but luckily the truck was moving much slower then I and left me a good gap to get out of the way of the driver.

    I think I won't be filtering for a while until I get my confidence up again...or when traffic is stopped. Stupid drivers :(.

    phong =P~

    Some people these days.
  15. phongus, i see people like that as a reason to split.

    If your gonna split then split, dont try to fill those little gaps when traffic is moving cos thats when your going to get run into by someone changing lanes in a big hurry to get that space.

    Just watch everything going on, dont go too fast ect. I find its easier to split when its realy busy an theres no space infront of cars so no one can change lanes. Also watch out for other bikes.
  16. yeah. I was splitting when traffic was stop starting and then slowly creeping to about 20 - 30km/hr. Stop splitting as traffic started to move faster that's why I moved over to the right lane which had heaps of space. Could have had about 5 cars fit in the gap bumper to bumper. But the driver behind me had to accelerate quickly and make a scene out of it that I just got in front of him. I was filtering at low speeds initially and started to move a little quicker as traffic moved forwards. I was doing mirror checks and head checks and kept my distance from the car in front.

    I'm too scared to filter anywhere near above 60 for the time being, so that's why I stop and start filtering :?...bad idea I guess.

    Thanks for the tip.

    phong =P~
  17. :? I don't know if that's such a bad thing... I'm also new to splitting on the freeway, and I don't really feel comfortable (yet) doing it when traffic is moving over about 50-60 kph.

    So, when traffic is moving below this speed I will split, doing either 40 kph or about 5 kph over whatever the cages are doing, whichever is the faster of the two (whilst covering the front brake and keeping an eye out for gaps that idiots might try to move into :roll: ). Then, once traffic reaches 50-60 kph and it looks like it will stay that way, I indicate, head check and smoothly pull into the first available gap on my left or right. If traffic slows down again then I indicate, head check and smoothly pull back in between the lanes and repeat the process... :cool:

    Of course if any of you more experienced guys see any problems with that sort of technique, please point them out :)

    btw Raven, good advice re: keeping the cages on either side in peripheral vision. I hadn't really thought about that before, but can definitely see how it would keep you going in a straight line. And I suppose that looking at the mirror that you think you might clip is only going to increase your chances of clipping it!

  18. Whipster, I was basically doing the, split, duck in, split again and duck as traffic flows, but due to the amount of trucks going up and down this freeway, makes it hard to see ahead when they take all 3 lanes :?.

    I managed to do a bit more filtering practicing today. Both freeway and at the lights. Was easier at the lights of course and the freeway was a bit scary still with some cars on different sides of their lane.

    I guess it takes a heap of practice.

    phong =P~
  19. Congrats on the split! its scary and it gets easier, but always keep alert.

    today I split from pyrmont to basically the harbour bridge, traffic was terrible after an accident at around 6pm. Thank god for the bike, I must have saved myself about an hour and a half of sitting in a car :D

    oh.. i also clipped a mirror.. but it my mirror didn't even move so hopefully the guy didn't get too angry :p
  20. I split and filter on an 1800 - a 250 should be easy!.

    2 tips.

    Do it SLOWLY
    STOP if you get concerned.

    Trust me, you will always find a bigger gap further along. If they are stopped, they are going no where.