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Today's "returning to riding" thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by maurice, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Just thought I’d pick your brains for little. Any advice from experienced riders will help!

    About me: 40 year old, human male. 105kg. 6 years riding experience, but it’s been 7 years since I last rode. Owned 2 bikes; VTR250 and a 250 Bandit. Open licence. Going through the mother of all mid-life crisis and have to get back to riding (just being dramatic, things aren’t that bad).

    Why I’m buying a bike: I love riding. I need to commute daily. Weekend rides, including overnighters. Occasional pillion.

    Current plan: Buy a “disposable” bike, then in 12 months upgrade to a new one (a VFR800f). I don’t want to buy new today, as my (re)learning curve is too steep for my liking.

    Not sure what disposable bike to get though. I’ve narrowed it down to a new Suzuki Inazuma ($5k ride-away) or a 2008 50,000km VFR800F (about $7k). Occasionally consider other bikes like CB500s etc (the same $7k will one a year old, roughly).

    Pros and Cons

    For the Inazuma;

    1. New, warranty, hassle free, low risk of failure

    2. Cheaper (more to spend on leathers and tassels)

    3. More economical (running, maintenance, insurance)

    For the 2nd hand VFR;

    1. Bigger bike

    2. Won’t have to constantly explain why I’m a 40 year old man on a 250cc bike

    3. Better for pillion

    4. Can keep it for longer, as it might delay the desire to buy a new VFR

    Any other pros and cons?
  2. Welcome back! With 6 years experience, I fancy you'd be ok getting whatever you want now. Just take it easy for a while until you click back into the groove. You might be able to link up to some NR rides up there as well to help build confidence and refresh skills.
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  3. I don't see you doing much pillion work on the Inazuma. A good bike but not really for 2 up touring. I am admittedly biased but I would go the VFR. They are a pretty robust machine. Mine is a 2003 just passed 100,000k. I have had one stator go, other than that no issues.

    Of course the normal thing with a second hand bike, does it have a service history. If that looks good
  4. As a re entry bike before the vfr, why not a bike like the vstrom, great for two up and for loading up for a weekend away
  5. edit: the VStrom would have ABS, though, which is an upgrade

    Most of my concerns re a 2nd hand bike would still exist. Mechanical risk (albeit less). Still a big upgrade from my previous 250cc. If I can find a well serviced VFR I'd just go for it.

    Thanks though (to all)
  6. Yamaha MT-09 Tracer! Bloody amazing bike. Will commute no problems at all and will do your overnighters no problems at all :)

    More than you want to spend but hell! If you are going to have a mid-life crisis, make it a good one :) $15,000 ride away :)

    I have ridden my brothers MT-09 and it is a sweet bike :) I ride a MT-07 but would no recommend it for too much pillion work!!
  7. mauricemaurice I do think if you can ride a vfr, you would not be happy with an inazuma
  8. I would consider resale value of your return to riding bike first as you plan on only keeping it for a year anyway, your wants/needs can change a lot in the year of re adjusting/learning so get something that is mid size/reliable with good re sale value, after the next years new experiences you will have a much better idea which bike you want/need. I wouldn't suggest a VFR at first, get something less complicated, maybe less cylinders but at least 600cc or more that is a good general all-rounder & is popular.