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Todays mystery bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Looks like the front end of a firestorm....

    so that would lead me to believe its a honda...
  2. Stereohead, yes it's Honda powered, but it is not a Honda.

    Here is a quote from 4-time Grand Prix Motorcycle World Champion Freddy Lawson on this bike,

    "The thing our Grand Prix bikes had the most trouble with, this bike does well."
  3. Is that a parallel twin in there?
  4. Well it can't be a storm, no V...

    Does look kinda Honda-ish though, confused now though as it looks like a Parallel twin.

    Highly modded CB??
  5. surely not a GS or ER 500??
  6. its a Gurney Alligator :)
  7. No, it's a 710cc dual port single.
  8. Nearly thought dual port, like my old XL 500. Was gonna say XBR 500 Honda. Whatever hapened to them?????
  9. The one with a single sided swingarm had a Honda XR600 engine in it...
  10. Stereohead, how did you ever work that out??
  11. I used google.... First I searched for "Weird looking motorcycles"... and then i searched for "Naked boobies" but that was just for entertainment.... I had a cold shower and then I searched on the the quote that Incitatus quoted...
  12. Gawd... sitting that low with your feet that far forward... ok I can live with that bit... but cruisers that do that don't have sports/tourer bars!

    Most people wouldn't reach them, and short people wouldn't see over the screen :)

    I recognised the motor as a honda dual port single, but that bike is a new one on me... I had absolutely no idea :)
  13. Sitting on that bike, I wonder, will make one feels like a Harley rider on a sports bike, or a sportbike rider on a Harley?
  14. WTF???? How can the rider see anything?? Not a one off? Hmmm I'm only a 'newbee' but is this for real? are there more of these creations around? I absolutely love the concept of doing such a massive assembly of bikes. Note the dual shocks on the swingarm, upsidedown forks I think its a bitsa, can the owner (later on) please elaborate as to what it is?
  15. Not the prettiest thing is it?