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Todays mystery bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by incitatus, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. My GUESS is that it's a Cossak, but it's only a guess, because I think those damned Ruskies made millions of 'em.
  2. Sorry no, it's not a Cossack. It's not Russian, (or Chinese).
  3. Me thinks this is an Indian, made in the USA.
  4. Sorry, right country, wrong manufacturer
  5. I initially thought Ural, but wrong country. Harley is too obvious, maybe one of the major truck companies made it? White? Mack? International? I know White strated of making sewing machines at the turn of last century.
  6. Thought they only ever bought out V twins??
  7. Don't know the model, but I reckon its a Harley Davidson.

    Do I win a prize????

    Am I even right???
  8. Again its not a V Twin, looks more like a boxer or parallel twin.
  9. A WW2 Harley...?
  10. Harley Davidson XA, US copy of the BMW R71
  11. Spectre wins the prize.

    It is a 1942 Harley Davidson Model XA. It is a Harley built copy of a pre-war BMW engine, in a Harley designed frame. 1005 were manufactured and there was fierce competion among US Army dispatch riders to score one instead the pathetic WLA's they were mostly issued with.
  12. Nah they actually had a few different configurations. An in-line 4 comes to mind (along the frame Sunbeam style). I'm sure they had others, but I couldn't be sure enough without some reference in front of me.

    I would have guessed Dneppier on the on the original question.

    They were available as recently as the early 90's in Aus. It too was a copy of the early BM's build in Russia after the wall went up, like the Ural. Mainly sidecar units.
  13. Take a close look at the frame and forks. It's not a copy of an 'R' anything. It's a BMW copy engine sure, but the frame and forks were designed by HD. You can see several copied BMW features, but the frame is not identical to any BMW.
  14. Yep realised my mistake soon after I typed it, already fixed.
  15. Ahh...hence why eveyone forst assume Cossack/Ural/Dneiper 650. Its the same engine.
    Heh - it might be a Harley deigned frame, but its almost identical to the original BMW fram, that the Russians just copied.