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Todays MOST in Penrith

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zaphod69, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Hi everybody,

    Got the bike back last night (had to replace the battery) - glad it's back and it started first thing this morning no worries.

    Rode out to the International Regatta centre and started the days training. Hopped on the bikes, started the slow speed circuits and oh bugger, I've stalled it. Clutch in, press start - nothing. No click, nothing. Instructor came over, told me to put the headlight on and press the started - he advised that it's not an electrical problem as the light didn't dim. Suspects a mechanical problem.

    Prepare to run start it. I slip it into second, check it's in gear by letting the clutch out a little and rolling forward - gear engages and there is compression. At this stage I pull the clucth in and for some reason hit the starter (forgetting the run start) - bugger me it starts.

    Instructor comes over and apologises - says that he cannot risk it failing again - especially when we are on the road ride. I'm sent home. Ride back through Penrith, in the day with cars and trucks everywhere. Didn't stall it once. Got into Glenmore Park, parked it in the driveway and hit the kill switch. Thought I'd try it again - hit the starter - nothing. Put it in gear, roll forward, feel the engine turn - clutch in, hit the starter and away it goes.

    I can understand the instructor dismissing me and really look forward to doing more training (I feel I need as much as I can get). In the meantime I need to try and figure out whats up with the bike.

    Confidence is growing in skills but not in the bike.

    Somedays things just dont go to plan (yesterday was worse - was let go from my job).

    Hope everyone else is having a lovely day. I'm looking forward to a weekend!

    Wayne :grin:
  2. What a bugger of a time Wayne. Sorry I cant suggest anything except taking it to a mechanic.

    Hope you get it sorted soon and get back on that MOST and a new and better job.

  3. Bad bike, bad bad bike....and bad bad boss (or ex-boss).

    I hope you find out what is wrong with your bike soon & get to do MOST & pass with flying colours!