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todays learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by XLAR8, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. so yesterday coming home from work after i fixed my flat tyre and and sloppy chain, i noticed a KLR650 lams bike try to filter (ffs if you cant take off in a straight line dont try and filter). but that aint the worst.

    heres where it get worst in so many ways....

    he catches upto to me at the red light, i move forward and to the left so he can get to the front of the middle lane, but where does this wank stop between the the cars on the white line. the light goes green and iam out of there like a bat out of hell. mr leaner sits there for a moment causing hell for the cage drivers.

    i make my way the the right lane watching this wank and as soon as i get in the right lane he now decides he wants to be in this lane as well, he goes from the left lane to the middle lane almost gets hit by a cage then to the right lane. he was going that fast he couldnt stop and almost hit me as he tried to well iam not sure what he was trying.

    now i was in the right hand wheel track and he now over takes me on the right hand side, after he gets in front of me he then belines back to the left lane almost getting hit by 2 more cages.

    this guy is lucky i had an appointment other wise i would have well you can guess what i was going to do to him.
  2. I agree with you - this guy sounds like he needs to watch what he's doing, but I wouldn't taint all learner riders with the same brush.

    This guy is likely to be a dick regardless of his licence status as his actions don't reflect inexperience, just stupidity.
  3. And I thought I was a moron...
  4. Nope, you still are :bolt:

    @xlar8: maybe a case of an overinflated ego? Dude gets his license, gets a bike and instantly thinks he knows it all and is king of the road? Pity you had somewhere to be, you should have pulled him over and taught him a thing or two.
  5. Shaddupp.... I'm still learning! P plates!
  6. Don't take this with offense, I'm genuinely interested.

    How long have you guys been riding? Are we talking a few months, a year, a couple of years?

    Chookies before you rode for real, or did you start out on the blacktop?
  7. I've been riding for a little over a year. Started out on the asphalt. Once I rode a tiny little dirt bike up and down my mate's driveway, another mate that was there at the time was not impressed... full throttle down the hill... lol
    Also I rode the thing in his back yard. Could not keep the bloody thing up right!
  8. damn L and P platers. just no idea. (im a p plater lolz).

    but srs, there is alot of riders out there on the roads that are completely terrible. no matter what their licence says or how many years on a bike.
  9. well he was nowhere to be seen yesterday but....

    iam told there was a crash yesterday morning on the same road. i wonder if it was him.
  10. My first time out of 2nd gear and on the road was when I rode my new bike from the dealer, The L's course was my first real go on a bike ( a 125cc thumpster doesnt count)

    I bought a bike I could handle ('11 cbr250r) and took my time.

    I got used to it quick and got a hang of it alot easer than I thought I would.

    But yeh I wouldnt bother filtering or splitting yet. I did ride it at 4am the 75kms to work and back it was cold on the freeway haha
  11. That's not today's learners, that's ****ing QLDers!

    Well written post mate.

    Bring on game II!
  12. I thought i was pretty good on my learners, but i had 10 years dirt bike experience behind me so i have the fundamentals of what it means to be moving on 2 wheels. The only crime i could say i committed so to speak was getting a little over zealous at times and going a bit beyond my limits, but i was usually quickly put back in my place by a car pulling out or seeing a stationary car in front of me and hitting the anchors. As i've been told by a few experienced guys on here, Raven being one, the transition from noob to intermediate is the most dangerous as you start nailing SOME of the fundamentals which give you confidence but don't have all of them nailed which can cause you to become unstuck. I try and imprint this in my head constantly.

    These days ive had 1 bad crash and take it very easy when hitting the twisties, haven't really pushed my skill envelope since but im hitting the track on Monday so that'll be time to see where my skill level is at.
  13. I don't understand how you knew he was a learner...?

    Learners must be accompanied in QLD, and I doubt he was riding unaccompanied and silly enough to be wearing an L plate...

    Just curious.
  14. Huh?

    Learner riders need to be accompanied, how exactly?
  15. By a licensed rider, either in a car or on another bike.

    One of those weird QLD things. The price we pay for being better on the footy field I guess. :p

    EDIT: From the QLD Transport site;

    Conditions that apply when learning to ride a class RE or class R motorbike

    * You must display an L-plate at the rear of the motorbike. Alternatively you may wear a vest clearly displaying a capital 'L'. L-plate offences carry penalties for both the learner and teacher.
    * You must only be supervised by a person who holds an open licence for the class of vehicle you are learning to ride. They must have held this licence for at least one year.
    * You must not carry your supervisor as a pillion passenger on the motorbike. You may only carry a suitably licensed supervisor seated in the sidecar attached to the motorbike. If the motorbike does not have a sidecar, the supervisor may follow you at a safe disance on another motorbike or in another vehicle.
  16. Are you serious? Is QLD the only ass about state doing this?

    The thought of a car following me around when I'm trying to learn, or trying to get a mate with a full licence every time I want to go for a ride.

    I can understand being accompanied when driving a car, but a motorbike?
  17. That’s “The Smart State” for you…
  18. That is the biggest load of beigeshit I have ever heard
  19. It's not a new thing, it's an ancient process.

    Of course, we can get our P licence in a couple days too, at least I think that's how it still works.
  20. The qld system, sounds farked...and to the OP.

    I know what you're thinking...are people really THAT effing retarded!?

    Yes, and they buy bikes, and what's worse, they buy cars!

    A ton or so of metal that would be safer for the rest of us, if it was being driven by a trained monkey!