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todays commute

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. So, did everyone in Melbourne enjoy their commute today!?

    This morning was awesome...not too cold and heavy rains and a blizzard of road-spray - a great day for practicing and/or sharpening up your wet weather riding skills.
    I had a great ride!....and coming home was the same - just a little cooler than I would have liked.

    It was a good opportunity to really put the feelers out while riding, and sharpen the senses for traction, grip and balance when giving it the gas or or under braking, AND zoning in more tightly to anticipate what Mr Cage was doing.

    I actually got to work faster than most dry days - mainly I think because the cars were tending to be slower, so I had an easier time of negotiating my way through the traffic...same deal on the freeway leg of my journey.

    Can't say I'd wanna do that every day, but it was liberating to have a ride in the rain today. :)
  2. yep i love wet weather commuting. the cars take it easy. funny when i got to the bike lot at work and the first row wasn't even full yet. we have a lot of fairweather softies obviously.
  3. I was lucky just to get my ass outta bed this morning, let alone tackling the calder/tulla traffic, me fairweather rider today :) .
  4. I was beginning to doubt my sanity for enjoying wet commutes, everyone at work thinks it's nuts. Todays was great, glad others enjoy them too.
  5. I was one the road delivering food for my family's catering business for 12 hours yesterday.At the end of the day I was mentally knackered from staying alert with the traffic conditions and weather conditions.I was glad that I was not on my bike yesterday because of the amount of accidents I either witnessed or drove past.Having grown up around the motor industries including tow truck drivers you know that after not having rain for a while that the first day of rain will always increase the amount of accidents on the road tenfold.Car drivers should be better educated on what happens on days like this.Me personally I wouldnt want to commute to work on a motorcycle on days like this.It just increases the odds of being cleaned up by dick heads in cars that dont alter their attitudes and driving habits for wet weather conditions.I got cleaned up by one of these dickheads years in the above described conditions years ago.
  6. I enjoy real wet weather commutes like that when there's been enough rain overnight to wash the crap off. I got in about 5 minutes quicker than usual as well. I must say though that when it's really wet and cold I do miss the big fairing on the K series. I could get away with a lot less gear on it. :?

    What I really liked yesterday was the number of L plates I saw out in the weather. It shows that there's a new generation of riders who take their riding seriously - both scooters and bikes.

    What I didn't see were some of the sports bikes who usually commute along the same route. The other thing about days like that is that I find everyone nods or waves. :LOL: