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Today Tonight TV show suspicious claims.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, May 21, 2006.

  1. This week the Today Tonight show on Channel 7 is going to claim that a cheese-burger bought in Macdonalds 3 years ago is no different to one they bought last week.

    They are going to claim that the 3 year old hamburger is in the same condition as the fresh one because of all the preservatives in the burger.

    Now having patronised Macca's for the last twenty years I can assure everyone that the cheesburgers do in fact go off, just like any other kind of food.

    The bread goes green and moldy, the meat goes green and brown and slimy and begins to smell like a ten day old corpse left out in the hot sun, and the cheese begins to create quite an interesting variety of colorful fungus and mold. (there's no need to ask how I know this, just trust me..LOL.)

    If one buys a fresh cheese-burger and leaves it in a fridge all of the above can be avoided for a couple of weeks, but all of the above will occur well before the 3 year period is up. Putting it in the fridge just delays the process.

    One could buy a fresh burger and right away deposit it into the deep freezer, this will stop all of the above and I assume the burger would be in reasonably good condition if thawed out over a 24 hour period some 3 years later.

    Now as I am working nightshift next week it's quite possible I will miss the Today Tonight program that contains this expose...so if any of you guys and gals manage to catch that particular episode, please let me know how the cheese-burger survived the 3 year period in the same condition as a freshly bought cheese-burger.

    If they are going to tell us that it survived just sitting around on a shelf...

    Well, I don't care how much preservative it's got in it, that just ain't going to happen. :cool:
    I've actually been served a fresh Big Mac and the bread was already moldy. Trust me it pays to look closely at your hamburger before you take a bite. I've had the same thing happen with those chicken rolls you buy in petrol stations, that time the chicken was green. As my mate Benny found out after he'd eaten a couple of mouthfuls. :evil:
  2. I would imagine that it would depend upon the climate. Leave a burger out in highish humidity and sure, it'll go mouldy. Do the same in a very low humidity climate (southern states) and it'll just dry out like a well preserved piece of food. Mould needs moisture to grow. I'm sure that the burger in question would've been initially "cured" in a low-moisture environment.
  3. Yeah I was a bit suspicous when I saw the ad for that article. First thought I had though was that if they were so convinced that it was "just as good as when it was purchased 3 years ago" - then why don't they take a bite out of it to prove it. Seriously though I used to work for the company that made the rolls used by Maccas and there's definately nothing in there that would make them last 3 weeks let alone 3 years under "normal" conditions (though they do contain a shocking amount of sugar). There's no way that any amount of preservatives is going to prevent stuff growing on meat and dairy products wrapped in nothing more than a piece of paper - even some preservatives don't keep that long.
    Edit: Oh and Cathar even in a zero-humidity climate baked products will still go mouldy after a couple of weeks, even if they are also isolated from the air (I've done the experiment). Mould is surprisingly good at growing and there's usually more than enough air and moisture trapped within the product itself to get quite a nice colony going.
  4. Jaq call me firsrt ,so i don't have to read all that sh1t.
  5. Would you like fries with that. :LOL:
  6. Sled was so inebriated I had to ring him on the phone and explain what the hell we are talking about.

    I think he reckons that Toecutter has bought a new bike and it runs on 3 year old cheese-burgers that turn into remote televison controls that the dog runs off with and buries in the back garden.

    Did I get that right Sled? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. yeah sorta :LOL:

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