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Today Tonight on Bikes and Sumoto

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Everyone (especially you Kishy) we have all be waiting for this, I have received an email from a Today Tonight girl who is interested in this story.

    Below is the email. I have edited out her contact details, so not to be abused.

    To Michael, (not real name)

    I am doing some work with Today Tonight and need some more information from you in regards to your email that discusses Sumoto selling crashed bikes from Japan.

    We need to know more details and if you could give us the contacts of others that have been scammed.

    Please contact me on this email address or at my work number

    Alicia -------
    Today Tonight

    So as you can see, she needs details. If anyone wants to go a head and make this 'work' / get back at Sumoto. Could you please PM me with your contact details to pass on. OR PM me and I will provide her contact details.

    PS. Mods if posssible could you please make this a sticky for a week or two.
  2. Sorry I dont know much about the scam of selling crashed bikes, but I dont think I have ever come across a more unprofessional organisation where they continued to change their story when I asked legitimate questions regarding my bike purchase (also bearing in mind I dont know a lot)...If they are doing wrong I would love someone to bring em down for it...
  3. woohoo.. :LOL:

    what about us giving information about their known practices
    so they can investigate; or do they only want details from people
    who have directly been affected?
  4. I would be very careful about whats i said and done on this forum, concerning companies like this. I know of a few car forums which have been sued and one hotrod forum closed due to defamation suits.....
  5. Anything Kishy,

    Everyone feel free to contribute, anything you have got could you please PM me it in dot point form.

    Lets do this once, do it properly and hit them with everything we have got :grin: :grin:

    Okay after that, lets quiten down and only use PM's from know on. :wink:

    Topic renamed, to lower suspicion.
  6. I would be VERY apprehensive giving any info to TT, for all that you know the story will have nothing to do with Sumoto, but just as likely be a story about how dangerous motorcycling is, don't trust em they are worse than Sumoto X 1,000!
  7. Damn straight!

    Todat tonight/a current affair are more crooked than anyone they do stories on in my opinion... :evil:

    And if they do a story on it all youll probably succeed in doing is getting their business a heap of air time...
  8. Precisely, I was in a band once with a dodgy mechanic who had been doorknocked, hidden camera-ed and featured by these sensationalist clowns three times. He thought it was hilarious.

    What have you got to gain?
  9. Been there, done that.. with company directors telling me they will
    tear me a new ars*hole & take me to the cleaners.

    Kishy is still waiting for these summons months later, & still eargerly
    waiting for the arrival of a new arse outlet :roll: :LOL:
  10. Blasphemers!!!

    "TT" and "Bikes" in the same sentence must only refer to the IOM. That's the law.