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today tonight Adelaide , monday 13

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fishyben, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Theres an story on adelaides today tonight on monday at 6:30 about the stupid things cagers do on our roads, should be a intresting (and scary) to watch.

  2. I bet the cars are being driven by fat kids, conmen and dodgy builders wearing wonder bras while eating miracle diets. The cars are fitted with revolutinary fuel saving gizmos.
  3. any chance this could be taped and posted up?
  4. I can tape it, convert it to MPEG and bring it tomorrow, but where do I host it?
    (as long as it's not crap)
  5. I believe it will be crap.

    It's a good idea though, bugger taking video cameras up to the spurs, stick one on yer noggin and ride in peak hour, and see how many phone users, unintended lane changers and road ragers you find.
  6. Oh, please... Thankfully I am out of the country so I can't even accidentally channel surf onto this tripe and see even 1 second of what will surely be utter crap.

    If you really want to see something interesting(and scary), watch Media Watch on the ABC. They do some real interesting pieces on how poorly put together and contrived the today tonight stories are. My favourite is the interview with a woman which was edited for the Melbourne show to make her look like a welfare cheat and crying for her sins, but edited differently for the Adelaide show to make her look like the victim, with the same teary scene but with a totally different context. The Adelaide edit was the real one, the Melbourne edit had Robson asking fake questions which were dubbed over the real questions! It was disgusting.
  7. I'm with you Loz - not 1, not 2, but 3 dickheads pulled out on me today in a space of 1/2 hr :twisted:
  8. This isn't about how crap Today tonight is, it's just highlighting how f**k**g crap south aussie drivers are. When i done my driving test 14 years ago in the UK i had 25 One hour lessons followed by a practical test, this is the normal amount of training in the UK, most aussies i have spoke to in SA had 6-8 hours training, the goverment need to do something to bring the standard of driving up, it's called education.

    "fishyben opens himself up for some flaming"
  9. I taped it, but it was unfortunately the biggest load of crap I've seen this year.

    If I was going to watch something at 6:30 pm on a weekend, I think I'd watch Neighbours. At least it's less made-up than TT / ACA.
  10. No flamage from me! I agree wholeheartedly. It's not just confined to S.A. either. :evil:

    My driving test involved a left turn, another left turn, a right, a left, a left, a left, another left, and left back into the driveway. :? Seriously, how f&*cked up is that?! People aren't taught how to drive, they are taught how to pass the test.

    I reckon no more catering for the lowest common demoninator/moron - if they're too stupid to drive, don't let them. If someone fails their test, they don't deserve to drive! 5 yearly re-testing until 50, then 3 yearly till 65, and bi-annually after that.

    Drop the price of registration, and up the prices of licensing.

    OK, I've ranted. I'm going for another coffee.. :grin:
  11. I belive in countries in europe they do charge an excrusiatingly high price for your licence... but driving is next to nothing. :)
  12. Yeah, it cost me about $1000 for the driving lessons & test in europe, it might sound expensive, but they actually teach you who to drive properly. And when you take the test you have about an 80% chance of doing every all types of roads and manouveres (side streets, main roads, freeway, parking, reversing, stopping, roundabouts .... )

    And the motorcycle license is even harder, the drive school actually follows you in a car and gives you instructions with a radio while you ride. Same when you take the test !

  13. In NSW you have to accumlate 50 hours driving on your L's before you can attempt the P's test. However this only has to be signed off by your parents, so alot of parents out there eager to get there kids off their back about driving them places dodgy up the log book with fake entries so that their kids get their licenses sooner!
  14. My log book was dummied up with entries signed off by the wife. They just flicked through it before giving me the test.

    // Riding for 3 years before getting car license.
    /// Only got car license as wife was having knee surgery so I'd have to drive her to and from hospital.