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Today, Sunday 6th May, being the lovely morning it was......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, May 6, 2007.

  1. I took Tam for a drive.......not far.......just 20 minutes out along the Monash. Somehow we ended up at this really large, well stocked lovely looking dealership that sells Cars, Boats, Jet Skis, oh, and Motorcycles. They call this place, New World Honda.

    In this place that they call New World Honda, they have some lovely pieces of machinery. I particularly like the 2006 Jet Black Metallic with Gold Fleck VFR800Fi Interceptor. It is a beautiful bike, it a dream to ride, it is, well, it is me!

    Tam and I had a chat.

    New World Honda now have 1 less 2006 Jet Black Metallic with Gold Fleck VFR800Fi Interceptor on their books.........


  2. AHA, thought that's what you'd do!!!

    Congrats, and PICCIES, please, for all of us would-be-if-we-could-be's!!
  3. Well done, sounds like an awesome machine, pics please!!
    You know it won't let you down :)
  4. Hopefully not more than your budgetted amount??
  5. Piccies will have to wait until I pick her up, which will probably be about a week. I also am waiting to hear back from them on a price to have her fitted with a pair of alloy Micron pipes.

    Budget wise - I was quite prepared to accept Tam's position of not going above the budget. But once we spoke about New vs Used etc, once she saw the difference herself, she was quite prepared to extend a little. The actual funds themselves were never the problem, it was the principle of setting a budget and sticking to it.

    I also offered to make some sacrifices in order to make the difference. Put it this way, I'll be skiing this year, just somewhere near half what I normally would. The bigger picture is always an oil painting.

    Major wood .........
  6. how was the price negotiations with, um, your finance department?
  7. Can I trade my Sunday for your Sunday?

    While mine was/is quite enjoyable it doesn't involve a new bike.
  8. Why am i not surprised after readin the other thread!

    Beneath all the budget talk was there ever any real doubt thats what you were gonna do?

    Congratulations, you made the right choice and got exactly what you wanted :)
  9. well, I did look at a really really well maintained and kept 2001 VFR yesterday. It was EXACTLY the same as my other one, but came with a Madaz pipe and a tinted MRA screen. If anyone is looking for such a bike, I can point them in the right direction and assure them it's a very very nice bike.
  10. :applause:

    Congrats Doonx.. All shiny and new.. :cool: Try and keep it shiny eh? :wink:
  11. amen brother !
  12. Well done,

    enjoy your new ride when it's delivered.
    Now for the wait.......

  13. Congrats on the new bike. :woot:
  14. Congrats.

    Ski trip or new motorbike - no question the bike wins hands down :D
  15. mmmmmm....new bike.....*drool*

    Congrats on the new toy :grin: and congrats on the budget extension :LOL:
  16. You got what you want - How good is that!
  17. Jet Black metallic with gold flake? Bling me up, Scottie!!! :LOL:

    I expect pics in due course, sir. And I trust the 'Doonx' rego is being transferred to the new beastie?
  18. Fantastic news. I love the point about the picture, that's an excellent thing to remember.

    Well done! Tam sounds like a totally awesome person! :)
  19. :worthlesspics:

    Hehe congratulations matey
  20. What so only a week of overseas Skiing this year.

    Congrats on the new addition to the house hold.